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Glimpses of Mellor

A delightful book using 57 extracts from the parish magazine to illustrate its history and people.

Author: John Swan (Ed)

Published: Marple Local History Society, 2004.

A5 booklet, 84 pages, 22 illustrations.

Price: £2.50


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Soon after my arrival in the parish, in 1968, 1 was given of the original copies of this wonderful little book, and there believe only a few copies in existence. So I am very happy that our Parochial Church Council and our printer Mr. K. Hardman had agreed that it should be reprinted in response to popular demand. May I also express our gratitude to Mr. L. Allen of Linnet Clough for allowing us to use two of his pictures in this edition of Glimpses of Mellor.

Only a few months ago I was looking at another very remarkable picture of Mellor, a photograph, taken in the last century, of our church, standing firmly, as is has always done, on its wind swept hill, but with no trees as they now to give it a more mellow look. The old school in the grounds of the churchyard, and the present vicarage, a public a house as it was in those days. Here was a glimpse of Mellor that I shall not easily forget, and there are many more glimpses of our village here in this book, which I know all who read it will find fascinating.

Mellor, 1972