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Assorted papers relating to various planning applications / compulsory purchase dating from 1947 - 1972 including planning consent for residential development on Townscliffe Farm and report from 1959 on the proposed clearance area on Elmley Street.

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Original 262 page booklet produced by Stockport Borough Council Democratic Governance, setting out the Agenda for Marple Area Committee meeting on 6th February 2013 at Marple Cricket Club.

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Photocopy of drawing entitled "ARP Strengthening of Cellars" showing detailed measurements and materials required to strengthen the cellar of Hollins House .
Drawn up by Surveyors Department, Council Offices, Marple

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Photocopy showing part of a drawing in scale outlining Council Offices Hollins House surrounded by proposed putting green, tennis court and bowling green. Titled "War Memorial Park?"
Date and purpose unknown

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Photocopy of Insurance schedule for insurance policy for Council Offices, the building known as "Hollins House" with description of building and surroundings.
Dated 1947

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Photocopied plans showing elevation section, block plan and floor plan of the Council Offices highlighting the existing mortuary and planned improvements dated July 1937.
On Card.

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Original Surveyors Drawing of Council Offices Memorial Park showing cellar, ground and first floor plan for the installation of central heating. Drawing dated 5th April 1949.
Small Surveyors Drawing title "Marple U.D.C. Central Heating Plant"…

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Miscellaneous single papers relating to Marple U.D.C. including forward from the Marple U.D.C. Guide 1972. list of Councillors undated, rating & Valuation information, map with handwritten account of local council offices and typed notes on history…

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Photograph of Wooden plaque with names of Chairman of the Council listed chronologically from 1874 - 1974 located in Marple Library

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Photograph of Plaque presented to H.M.S. Maple to commemorate her 'Adoption' by the Citizens of Marple during Warship Week November lst - 8th 1941 part of the War Savings Campaign & Marple Savings Committee of Marple Urban District Council.

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Black & White Photographs and colour showing Marple Memorial Park Hall which was the Council Offices and Group photos of last Committee Members and Pageant Committee from 1922.
Several miscellaneous photos of Memorial Park events.

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Numerous newspaper cutting from various sources and dates :
Loose cuttings, 1935 : Election of Councillor Sam Taylor
1943/4 ; Death and Funeral of Councllor J Smith, udated New Chairman M S Arnfield. June 1971 M Turnbull retires.

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Material on Marple Community Council :
1. Flyer "What is it" with explanation on what the Council was set up to achieve its role and notice of general meetings and contact details.
2. 2 pages of newspaper articles from 1973 relating to the…

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Photocopy of booklet from Marple U.D.C list of Councillors and Committees with other information for the year ending 15th April 1910 from the Clerks Office, Marple.
Photograph of Councillor Daniel Pott, J.P. Chairman

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Miscellany of information about Council and Council activities from local newspapers, magazine and typed information mainly on card.

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Original copy of Report of the Chief Executive from Committees : Marple Area Committee & Technical Services Sub Committee to gain authorisation to make a order to reclassify the road used as a pubic path as a bridleway containing maps of local area…

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Leaflet for U.D.C. Election by Candidate Redfern Morton : 1937
Portions of A3 Election Notices for 1887 giving results of Election and the name of the Councillor elected, 1920 showing list of Candidates.

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Two original booklets produced by M.U,D,C. :
1. General District Rate & Poor Rate a detailed comparative statements of Estimated and actual receipts and expenditures 1926, 27 and 1928.
2. Detailed Comparative statement of estimated and actual…

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Several newspaper reports covering the reorganisation of M.U.C.D and photograph and report on the final U.D.C. meeting.
Leaflet setting out what the Re-organisation means and how it will effect people.
Leaflet giving information on what the U.D.C…

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Original copy of leaflet from Her Majesty's Stationery Office of the Rating Act 1966, Chapter 9.

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Typed document listing names and profession of Magistrates 1880 - 1888 with further information of Members of Parliament and the Clerk to the Magistrate and previous positions held.

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Typed double sided 2 page document by C G K Thopson, Divisional Medical Officer, setting out the duties and responsibilities of the Domestic Help Service workers and terms and conditions of employment.

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Photocopy of M.U.D.C. Annual Report by Harry Burton, Medical Officer of Health and D J Driver, Surveyor and Inspector for 1912 containing statistical reports on deaths, infectious diseases, infant mortality, sanitation, environmental and inspections…

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Photocopies of two seals/ emblem relating to Marple Urban District Council :
1. Photocopy of Official wax seal used on formal documents.
2. Photocopy of drawing of emblem showing crest with M.U.D.C. on the outside edge with floral design with…

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Correspondence, application forms and original copies of Driving Licence for Hackney Carriages awarded to Malcolm Shaw by UDC of Marple ; 1971
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