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Carbon copy of letter to Mr Bennett dated 1981 enquiring into the old history of Mellor.
Unknown author of letter was a resident of Sycamore Cottages in 1910 information on resident/reminiscences.

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Photocopies of census records from 1841 -1901 with typed breakdown of the residents of Ludworth Houses, Ludworth : This was part of the Mellor Heritage Project : Date Unknown.

Research Notes / Maps / Register / Census records and correspondence all relating to Ludworth Houses.

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Original Two page article "Marple Kilns in the Limelight" from Stockport Heritage Magazine date unknown, written by Steve Cliffe giving report on a guided tour around the lime kilns with Fiona Turpin, Project Officer and advertising the Mellor…

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Original copy of W H Robinson Auctioneer Brochure with details of auction of "historic stone outbuilding for restoration and conversion to detached country house" named Roman Lodge, Strawberry Hill, Old Mellor; auction to take place at the Norfolk…

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Page printed from the Virtual Tour on Marple Website showing photograph of Liberal Club Demolition in 1993.
Downloaded 2015

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Photocopy of photograph showing egg & spoon ladies race with handwritten notes that state "Marple Thursday Afternoon Womens Meeting Summer outing to Poynton Towers. Mr & Mrs Hodgkinson on left". Undated

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Three page typed list of Walmsleys Apprentices taken from the 1851 census return with additional information.
Author Unknown

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Photocopies of photographs and inscription from Walmsley Family gravestone at All Saints Church Marple.
Email correspondence relating to above. 2014

Numerous Hodgkinson Family census records for dated 1812 - 1911 Handwritten and photocopied from census records.
Also handwritten notes/research material relating to Hodgkinson Family

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Single page email from T Jones with query regarding the Carver Family arising from A Hearles Book. 2015
Handwritten note states "replied I was wrong"

Two page typed document giving suggestions on how to form a talk on Hollins Mill from A Hearle's book with ideas on changes to illustrations.
Date Unknown

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Two photocopies of photographs taken of the Foundation Stones at Hawk Green Reading Library laid by Mrs Frank Barlow and W B Hodgkinson Esq of Marple on the 13th October 1906.

Single page extracted from "The Story of Hollins Mill" taken from Marple Website headed "Disappeared without Trace" .
Downloaded 2014

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Email requesting information on the Carver Family, specifically Basil Carver 1914 - 1916 from Graham Winton : 2016

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Photocopy of advertisement for Compstal Co-Operative Industrial Society Limited taken from the Mellor Church Magazine 1943 giving details of branches in the local area and specialist shops and services.

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Original programme for St Paul's Church, Strines " Musical Recital " to be given at the Church on Sunday 17 June 1906 to commence at 3.o'clock.
Vocalist Miss Susette Brunnschweiler, Organist Mr J P Tew and Violinist Mr W Alsop

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Original newspaper cutting from Manchester Evening News 2lst March 1997 headed "Tunes of glory at the 'tin Church' " reporting on the renovation of the 105 year old church organ at St Paul's with photograph of Peter Williamson the organist.

Original Booklet "St Paul's Church 100 years in Strines" with brief history with details of Priest and Curates, letter from Vicar with photographs.

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Original invitation on card to St Paul's Church 130th Anniversary.
1880 - 2010 giving dated for exhibition, open days and thanksgiving services.

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Original programme for St Paul's Church, Strines Flower Festival to be held in June/July 2000, to celebrate 200 years of Christianity and its own 120th Anniversary.
Forward by Mike Lowe, Vicar with details of the programme of events to be held.

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Original 12 page booklet entitled "Notes on the History of St Paul's Church, Strines" compiled by Rosemary Taylor 2000.
History of Strines, origins of St Paul's Church with list of Clergy.

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Original booklet entitled "Where two or three are gathered together" The Story of St Paul's Church Strines, Stockport, Cheshire, and its people by Rosemary Taylor from New Mills Local History Society. 2001.
26 Chapters covering origins of Strines…

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Two original St Paul's Mission Church Magazines dated July 1914 and December 1915 containing details of services, financial statements, articles and local trades advertisements.
Priest in Charge : Rev Canon Drury, The Grange, Strines

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Eight original handwritten pages by R E Thelwall containing research notes with dates and events relating to :
Fr Luke Levermore, St Mary's Church, Education, Monastic Land, Howards and charities.
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