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‘What to do with 323 postcards’ with Julie Bagnall

Cissie and Bella coverCissie and Bella, two working-class girls from northern England, left a legacy in the form of a collection of post cards.

As workers in the two major fields of female employment – domestic servant and mill girl – they tell of work and time off, of family life, of love and romance and every-day experiences. Their words range from girly chit-chat to heartfelt despair. They show that over time some things change and others remain the same.

That Cissie and Bella’s post cards survived is one thing. That they have enabled two ‘ordinary’ women to be brought out from under the cloak of invisibility which so often shields previous generations of working-class people, is quite another.
Marple features towards the end of the story when, during the 1920s, Cissie was employed at two homes as a domestic servant.

Julie will tell the background story of how the post card collection was acquired on which the book is based.

A slice of social history to enjoy on the evening of Monday, October 15th.