Development of Marple

The Railways of Marple and District from the Earliest Days to 2015

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Author: Warwick Burton M.A. Cantab

A4 book, 74 pages of semi-gloss paper, maroon coloured cover of coated thin card

Price: Sold originally at £15.99, and is now available at the reduced price of £5

ISBN Number: 978 0 9507288 4 1

Warwick died in 2015, not long after completing a new version of his 1980 'Railways of Marple and District From 1794.’ This comprehensive revision and updating entitled 'Railways of Marple and District from the earliest days to 2015' was published to coincide with the Marple 150 Festival in 2015, celebrating 150 years since the railways came to Marple.

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Samuel Oldknow - A new perspective

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We know Samuel Oldknow as one of the key figures in the early part of the Industrial Revolution - an innovator and an organiser who dominated the market for muslin before he was thirty. However, he was much more than that. A true product of the Enlightenment, there were many sides to his life and career. As a businessman, as a builder, as an agriculturist and above all, as a community leader, he changed the face of Marple and Mellor for ever. This definitive study of Oldknow's life examines every aspect of this complex man and his legacy which is still with us today.
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Author: Hilary Atkinson

Published: Marple Local History, December 2015.

A5 Booklet, paperback, 68 pages

Price: £4


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Marple and the railways - Transport networks from 1790

195 Neil rail book

This volume presents an overview of the way different transport networks have served Marple and Mellor since the first industries in the area. First the turnpikes, then the canal with early tramways and then the railways proper. It puts each of these systems into their historic context and shows the evolution over time as they both compete and then complement each other.

Author: Neil Mullineux

Published: Marple Local History, July 2015.

A5 Booklet, paperback, 50 pages

Price: £4


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