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Exhibitions in Marple and District.


Series of Folders containing items relating to Exhibitions staged by MLHS.





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Samuel Oldknow Exhibition 1993 : Folder 1
14 Colour photographs of the displays and attendees at the Samuel Oldknow Exhibition held at Marple Bridge Methodist Hall 1993.
Also string bound typed document of the history of Samuel Oldknow family/business by unknown author.

Marple Hall Exhibition : 1996 : Folder 2
37 colour photographs on paper showing the displays and attendees of the 1996 Marple Hall Exhibition held at Marple Library.
Also 6 Photographs on paper of Bunbury Church, Cheshire showing Marple Hall stained glass panels.

M.U.D.C.  Exhibition  : 1995 : Folder 3
Marple Urban District Council Exhibition held on 7th - 14th October 1995 at Marple Library for Heritage Week.
14 Colour Photographs on card showing displays and attendees.
Two newspaper cuttings giving details of the event attached to a typed…

Peak Forest Canal Exhibition : 2013
Collection of photographs on card from the Peak Forest Canal Exhibition held at Furness Vale in March 2013.
The Photographs are taken from the displays and include modern colour and old black and white one showing features that are no longer…

Buildings we have lost : Exhibition
26 Exhibitions photographs from display at the Lock Society Day entitled "Buildings we have lost".
Show in A4 black and white images of local buildings demolished, altered or change of use.
Also Portraits of Samuel Oldknow and William…

Mellor Church Exhibition :  1984
A4 Promotion Flyer advertising Mellor Heritage Year on the 18th, 19th and 20th May 1984.
Black and White & colour photographs showing the displays in Mellor Church covering history of Mellor Church and surroundings.
Also photographs of the…

Electricity Exhibition : 1937
Full page newspaper cutting on card from The Reporter dated May 28th 1937 promoting a 4 day exhibition of the latest equipment for the Modern Home at the Marple Urban District Council Electricity Showrooms, Hollins Park, Marple

Exhibition at Helmshore 199?
Two colour photographs on card showing the display given at Helmshore in 199? at a Local History Fare, giving history of Marple

Exhibition 25 years Marple Locks Celebration : 1999
Photograph of the display for the 27 years celebration of the re-opening of Marple Locks.

Exhibition of Marple China 1993
Photograph on card of the display cabinet holding Ann Hearles collection of Marple China in the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester during October/November 1993

Exhibition Compstall Co-op Society Anniversary : 1994
Documents with text and index of photographs for exhibition for the 150 year anniversary of Compstall Co-op Society held at the Co-op Shop in Marple, giving history of Co-op from 1851.
Two colour photographs showing display.

Exhibition : He Changed the Face of Marple : 1996
5 colour photographs of the displays at Chester for exhibition entitled "He changed the face of Marple" : Samuel Oldknow.
Held 1996

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Exhibition "Half Green to Hawk Green" : 1998
Photograph on card of the opening of Hawk Green Exhibition "Half Green to Hawk Green "on 20th September 1998 with Cllr Shan Alexander with three colour photographs inside the hall "Half Green to Hawk Green" folder relating to the exhibition too large…

Exhibition of Mellor Mill Model : 1998
Two colour photographs taken at Marple Library when Tom Oldhams model of Mellor Mill was presented to them in 1998 for public display.
Photograph of Mellor Mill from Marple Website.

Millennium Exhibition at Marple Library
Collection of colour photographs showing the layout of the display boards for Millennium Exhibition at Marple Library.

Exhibition : Marple Bridge Past & Present 1993
Folder containing the text and photographs from the Exhibition held in the hall above the Surgery at Town Street, Marple Bridge April 1993.

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Book Launch : "Peak to Plain" : 1995
Photographs showing exhibits for the book launch of Peak to Plain November 1995 at the Old Parish Hall, Mellor (now demolished)

Longhurst Lane Exhibition : 2011 (a)  : Display Photographs 1
Photocopies of the display information from Exhibition of Longhurst Lane : 2011
8 pages giving details of history of Mellor & Ludworth with details of the survey from 2011 by the Mellor Archaeological Trust and Marple Local History Society. …

Longhurst Lane Exhibition : 2011 (b) : Display Photographs 2
12 further pages of photographs showing from the display boards of the Longhurst Lane Exhibition with information on Churches & Chapels, holiday homes, pubs, shops and the Ferns Family history relating to the area.

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Cripples' Home to Orthopedic Hospital : Treetops Exhibition : 2018
8 photocopied pages taken from display boards for the "From Cripples' Home to Orthopaedic Hospital"Exhibition held at Marple Library in 2018 in conjunction with Disability Living.
Giving history, development and closure in text / photographs and…

"Places of Worship down the Centuries"  Exhibition Boards : 2018
Photographic record of an exhibition boards produced for the "Fact and Fun Day" at Roman Lakes 2018, showing the places of worship in and around Marple, its history, development and decline.
Seven Pages.
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