Miscellaneous Material in Cabinet C : Top Drawer : CAB/05

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Miscellaneous Material in Cabinet C : Top Drawer : CAB/05


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Minutes from Marple Antiquarian / Marple Local History Society ; 1976 - 2000 : Folder 1
A4 Arch Lever File containing Marple Antiquarian Society's typed and handwritten minutes, AGM from 27th January 1976 - llth October 2000.
Marked Folder 1

Minutes from MLHS Committee Meetings : 2000 - 2014 : Folder 2
A4 arch lever file containing handwritten and typed minutes from the MLHS committee meetings dates 13.11.2000 to 3.3.2014.

Half Green to Hawk Green Exhibition Material : 1998
A4 Arch Lever Folder containing material relating to Exhibition held in 1998 " Half Green to Hawk Green" .
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Compiled by Judith Wilshaw

Medical & Associated Health Material : A4 Folder
A4 Folder containing a miscellaneous collection of material relating to Health in the Marple & Surrounding Area.
General information on Doctors, Hospitals, Holiday/Retirement homes with newsletters, newspaper cuttings etc.
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