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Two posters advertising events to be held at Glengarth :
1. Jubilee Country Fair, 27th July 2002
2. Tinsel & Turkey Xmas Fair, 23rd November 2002

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Two newspaper cutting relating to Glengarth School :
a. "Childrens Home Opened" 0pening and dedication with photograph of Chief Guests : North Cheshire Herald October 7th 1966.
b. "Two Buildings 'to be restored to their former glory'" restoration…

gle2 001.jpg
Black and White photograph on card showing Glengarth : undated.

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Booklet entiitled "The Glengarth Story" by William C Holden 1981. Celebrating the 2lst birthday of the North-East Cheshire Society for Mentally Handicapped Children & Adults.
Giving information on the Society's foundation, history, information on…
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