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  • Collection: Marple Hall Folder 13 : Charles & Richard Isherwood

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Newspaper article from the Daily Telegraph dated 11.5.1999 reporting on Christopher Isherwood private papers having been acquired by the Huntington Library in Los Angeles with Photograph of Christopher Isherwood.

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Several diary extracts and information from sources unknown relating to the Bradshaw Isherwood family and Marple Hall.

Colour photograph of foundation stone laid by ? Isherwood at Marple Conservative Club, Church Street, Marple. Also known as Shepley Hall.

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Folder with several extracts from various books written by Christopher which relate to Marple and Marple Hall : Eye of the Camera : Lost Years : A Life : Kathleen & Franks : Dear Dodie.
Leaflet with selection of works of Christopher Isherwood…

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Various displays with information on Christopher and Richards life at Wyberslegh Hall and Marple Hall

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Photocopy of Last Will and Testament of Richard Graham Bradshaw Isherwood dated November 1975 (3 pages)
with codicil dated December 1975.

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Article from unknown publication entitled "Kathleen and Frank" Wyberslegh Hall was the setting for a tragic love story. Poem and drawing by Kathleen dated 1905.
Also Photocopies of photographs of Wyberslegh Hall

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Two original Airmail letter from Christopher Isherwood to Mrs Gladys Swindells 1972. Also letter from Richard arranging a meeting.
Photocopy of Postcard from Christopher to Nannie thanking her for his gum boots. Photocopy of the one held in archives…

Collection of miscellaneous family photographs of Christopher and his brother Richard from 1909, school days 1916.
Father in uniform and mother

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Various Newspaper articles from several sources giving book reviews, biography and obituary for Christopher Isherwood

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Fifteen pages of handwritten information of private papers held at Stockport Heritage Library. Comprising 3 boxes 1870 - 1962. Diaries, scrapbooks, photographs and letters.
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