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Black ring binder containing magazine articles from Cheshire Life and Stockport Heritage relating to Marple and surrounding areas on miscellaneous topics and dates.
See Index for full list in yellow folder

Folder containing original copy of the Goyt Mill News dated December 1989 Issue 1 promoting the business at Goyt Mill.

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Eleven folders containing numerous original copies of The Review dating from Spring 2002 -2014.

Seven folders containing numerous original copies of the Community Newspaper from 2001 - 2004, formally the Romiley & Marple Mail.

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Seven folders containing a selection of original copies of the Romiley & Marple Mail various issues dating from 1997 (issue 32) to 2000 (issue 71)

Four folders holding a selection of original copies of the Marple Mail from 1995, 1996 and 1997.

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Four original copies of front pages and complete edition of the broadsheet newspaper the North Cheshire Herald :
a. October 1941 : Photocopy of "Seen from the Ridge" by Observer
b. September 1967 : Flood in Mellor
c. May 1968 : Royal Visit…

Original copy of the Stockport Times ( East Division ) dated 3rd May 1985 with front page article on Alfred Heath name being remembered on Marple's War Memorial.
Other stories from the Marple Area.

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Selection of newspapers distributed around the Marple area :
a. Maple & District Messenger 1996 : newspaper format from Marple Hall School with information on school activities.
b. Marple Matters : Issue 1 Summer 2002 : Newspaper designed to…

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Twenty six original copies of the Marple Post / selection of front pages from 1960's including free copy of New Dimensions (Marple Council of Churches Sponsored Newspaper)
1966 : Front Pages Issues 2, 3 & 8 : Issue 5,7,8 & 9
1967 : Issue 11, 12 ,…

Nine original copies of the Maple Gazette a free newspaper distributed in Marple during the 1970's with Council News and event and advertisement from local businesses.
Volumes 1 : Numbers 1, 3, 5 & 12 from 1973
Volumes 2 : Numbers 3, 5 7, 8 & 10…
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