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Two photographs showing Michael , Edward and Geoffrey Walton outside Chadkirk Chapel.
Black & White photograph showing Michael, Edward & Geoffrey Walton in choir regalia from the 1950's.
Colour photograph showing the the same trio taken about 2000.

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Original copy of Souvenir Programme from the opening of the Savoy Cinema in Romiley giving details of the Directors, Architect and professional contractors involved in building and fitting out the cinema.
Message from the Manager Mr Charles Woolley…

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Single page document from unknown publication with text and photographs showing Sandy Lane, Romiley and the Savoy Cinema

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Photocopy of booklet giving an account of "The Great Storm in Peakland" by "H.R.B." on 18th June 1930 in "vivid pen and pictures".
The flood effected a wide area and Pages 21 to 29 cover the Rowarth and New Mills area and the death of the landlord…

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Red Leather bound ledger with pencil technical drawings for the Calico Printing Association at Chadkirk Works from 1935

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Photocopy of extract from Lancashire & Cheshire Antiquarian Society dated 1952/53 of an article headed "Chadkirk Chapel" by T M Griffith giving history and description of the Chapel.
Pages 156 - 174.

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Single page photocopy of extract from "Bredbury" by Reeves & Turner 1991 mentioning Lower Waterside Farm.

Material relating to Chadkirk Well Dressing :
a. Photocopy of photograph of Chadkirk Well Dressing 2018, with enlarged printed details in the center of the Well Dressing giving history and thanks to participants.
b. Small flyer promoting the Well…

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Material relating to Oakwood Hall, Romiley.
1. Three Postcards two showing statues in gardens and one with multi images of the hall, gardens and Father Buckland when a Catholic House of Rest.
2. email correspondence containing Research material…

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Original newspaper cutting "Watchman escapes by hoist in mill fire" giving an account of the fire at Wellington Mill, Hazel Grove and how the nightwatchman 69 year old Frank Marsden escaped from the five-storey mill
Newspaper unknown and date not…

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Black and white photographs showing Offerton Sand and Gravel Quarry, Marple Road, Offerton circa 1928.
Title states presented to the Wrights Arms Public House from Offerton Sand and Gravel.

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Flyer from High Lane Residents Association to advertise their AGM to take place on 20th October 1994 at the Village Hall with subscription and nomination forms

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Typed A4 document with extracts from the Minutes Book of 1936 of Marple Urban District Council, held at Stockport Heritage Library concerning the proposed construction of a bridge over the river Goyt from Chadkirk Valley to Marple Dale.

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Six page typed transcript taken from cassette entitled "A Riverside Village" giving memories of living in Thornsett from 1920 onwards. Narrator unknown.

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Photocopy of typed and handwritten booklet entitled "Chisworth Heritage Trail" of 2 - 2.5 miles highlighting point of interest with maps and historic information on the trail covering Chisworth, Charlesworth, Combs Mill, Fold Farm.

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Seven colour photographs showing old watercourse alongside River Goyt, with information on Boggart House Farm and Kirk Woods

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Nine typed pages with extracts from Glossop Dale Chronicle Headed : "Glossop 1825 - 1850" with newspaper reports relating to larger local area.

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Material on Stockport Hydro :
a. Two promotional leaflets for the community Hydro partnership at Otterspool Weir,
b. Share offer closed on 2lst February 2011.
c. Newspaper article from Stockport Times from 1990 & 2012 on the feasability study…

Three black and white postcards showing views around Romiley
Seven black and white photographs showing Chadkirk Chapel and woods.
Donated by Jean Plover

Material and assorted information relating to Chadkirk Chapel :
1. Six newspaper and magazine articles from March 1968 covering Restoration.
2. Flyers and Brochure for Chadkirk Festival : 1997 and 1999
3. Typed information on the Chapel ;…

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Two page newspaper article from the North Cheshire Herald 1982 titled "Pace-eggers performed in a Rowarth Gardens" Reminiscences of Mr Froggett by Bill Williamson with photographs of Drinkwater Buildings where Mr Froggett lived as a boy.

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Original programme for the Rowarth Social Club Festival Gala on August 4th 1951 with crowning of Festival Social Queen, attractions and activies

Photocopies of photographs of Seventeen Windows, 1944 1964 taken from newspapers, cigarette advertisements and postcard showing seventeen window, downloaded information 2007.
Newspaper report of Fire in 1944

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Photocopy of leaflet from Derbyshire Education Committee outlining the Scholarship Scheme.
(No front cover pages from 3)

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Photocopies of black & white photographs of Hyde Bank Hall, Heaton Mersey Bleach Works, Heaton Mersey, Bleach Works staff with Samuel Oldknow connections.
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