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Two original newspaper articles under the banner "Local History" giving history of Marple Brass Band from 1900 by Jack Turnbull 1996.

Also four typed pages headed "The Village Band" part 1 and part 2. (Part transcript of above)

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Handwritten 6 page account of a talk given by Charles Ingham on the History of Marple Band to the Marple Antiquarian Society : Undated.
Mr Ingham is a member of the band (e flat trombone) and gave a lively and informative talk.

Original Black and White photograph of unnamed band. Source and date unknown

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Various newspaper cuttings from 1973 relating to Marple Brass Band, covering competitions, appearances and move to new premises.

Post Card photograph and Photocopy of Marple Reed Band dated 1911.

Black & White original photograph of Marple Prize band from 1920's.
Taken outside Marple Liberal Club

Newspaper photograph from Hyde N.C. Herald dated 1967 showing photograph of Marple Band sixty years earlier asking readers if they recognised family members

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Ring bound book entitled "Gone Banding" A light hearted look at the history of Marple Band 1900 - 1983. by Charles Ingham printed in 1984 by Vitaprint.


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