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Three pages of Western Canal Distance Tables extracted from a Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway publication giving distances on Macclesfield, Ashton and Peak Forest Canal around Marple.
Date Unknown

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Advertising flyer for the New Horizon Boat giving boat cruises for people with disabilities, giving information on amenities and prices with contact & location details.
Date 2018

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Photocopy of hand drawn technical map by Brian Lamb, Stretford dated 1967 with dimensions, and history with important dates on A3 paper

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Photocopies of Pages 45 & 268 extracted from "Hadfields British Canals" The Inland Waterway of Britain and Ireland by Charles Hadfield showing local views of Marple aqueduct and Goyt Mill.

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A4 document with photographs and information on donated Marple Boats Rally Plaques with history of the event from its first rally in 1966 when over 200 boats attend at Marple.
Plaques donated by John Foley of Waterway Restoration Group, stored in…

Newspaper articles relating to New Horizons Boat dating from 1991. Events, fundraising along with original 4 full pages of photographs of Prince Charles visit in 1981 from the Express.

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Original copy of "Launch" magazine from 1980/1 official handbook of the Mayor of Stockport "Help the Handicapped" Appeal

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A "Thank You" in the form of a 4 page bound booklet from the Friends at Glengarth to Mike from the New Horizons Crew after an outing taken on the New Horizons with photographs. Undated

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Miscellaneous photographs of Peak Forest Canal.
Three Black and White photographs from Jean Heap.
1. Marple Rally 66 and 68 (Queried dates on reverse).
2. Volunteers working on canal wall.
3. Colour photograph : Rally 1960.

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Material relating to the New Horizon Canal Boat:
1. Six Original copies of Stockport Canal Boat Trust Booklets some undated and 1981-1986, 1986 - 1969, 1990, 1994
2. Original copy of the Commemorative Programme for Royal Visit 1981 by Prince…

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Miscellaneous Material on Peak Forest Canal ; Various dates :
1. Marple Website : History of the Construction 1794 - 1805 with photographs and text over 3 pages. Downloaded 2004.
2. Pennine Waterways Website : History of the Peak Forest Canal, 2…

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Leaflet entitled "Pathway to the Past" giving history, map and details of the Macclesfield Canal.
Produced by Macclesfield Borough Council, undated

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Several magazine articles on Peak Forest Canal
1. Stockport Heritage Magazine : Seventh Wonder : Marple Aqueduct
2. Waterway World : 2000 : Marple Boat Rally 1966.
3. Inland Waterways : 2002 : Campaigning for the Cheshire Ring.
4. Waterway World…

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Four pages from Navvies magazine No 275 from March 2016 celebrating 50 years of the publication 1966 - 2016.
Pages 10 and 11 article on Peak Forest : "A Vigorous Renovation Process"

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Peak Forest Canal Society Limited : Newsletters 1-5 dating from 1964 -1976.
Original newsletter from lst September 1964 setting out the Societies aims and principles, committee members and news to No.1 5th April 1976.

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Five Souvenir Programmes :
Four Marple Rally of Boats souvenir booklets dated 1966, 1968, 1969 and 1970.
One National Rally of Boats at Marple in 1996 organised by Inland Waterways Association.
All programmes giving details of events to be held…

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Booklet produced by Waterway Production Ltd for the Waterways Recovery Group giving history of canal restoration by volunteers to the Cheshire Ring with photographs.

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Two page illustrated map produced by Canals & River Trust to promote exploring Marple Locks with children containing information, points of interest with map and things to look out for on a family walk.
Printed July 2013.

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Two flyers promoting events.
1. Marple Lock & Aqueduct Public Open Day Nov 2014
2. Oldknows Roadshow & Film show November 2015

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Research material with regard to Aqueduct Mill, house and surrounding environs containing handwritten census records, maps, tithes records, white cards with miscellaneous information, newspaper and magazine articles and history from Peter Bardsley's…

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Photocopy of timetable for Ashton & Marple Swift Packet Boats for weekdays and Sundays and timetable for meeting the trains at Manchester.
Taken from Glossop Record December 1859

Go to hyperlink below for article from MLHS website relating to…

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Original poster advertising the Marple Locks Festival Sunday 10th July 2005 listing events, stalls and activities with contact details.
Also 8 colour photographs showing event.
Newspaper cuttings relating to Locks Festival and events,

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Pamphlet entitled "Top Lock to Aqueduct", map and guide with 50 highlighted points of interest, with brief history and illustrations.
Published by Marple Civic Trust as part of "Interest Trails around Marple" this being No 1. 1991

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Promotional documents advertising the Celebration of the 200th Birthday of Marple Locks : July 2004, posters, flyers
Newspaper article on Samuel Oldknow "Happy Birthday Sam" from the Marple Review : Summer 2004
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