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Paper entitled : An Interesting Old Mansion: with an introduction stating that Members of the Stockport Historical Society's and a few friends paid a visit to Marple Hall the leader being M H A Potter with the Kind permission from Captain…

Two carbon copies of typed letter from Gladys Swindells, Marple Antiquarian Society to Christopher Isherwood in California dated 1972 thanking him for information relating to the Bradshaw Isherwoods of Marple Hall.

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Various pages with information and research material on Wybersley Hall :
a. Handwritten schedule listing the material held at Stockport Library relating to Wybersley Hall.
b. Photocopy of Page of Kelly's Directory from 1923 Sir William Barton MP,…

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Miscellaneous material extracted from various source and dates with information relating to Wybersley Hall :

a. Pages 186 & 187 from Stockport Ancient & Modern Vol.2 : 1892 Heginbotham H containing brief history of the Hall and connection to the…

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Two photocopies of measured drawings of Marple Hall and outbuildings held in the collection of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England in Swindon.
Letter confirming request by A Hearle in 1997.

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Photocopy of an Abstract of Title by Indenture over eight A3 pages made by John Henry Bradshaw Isherwood in 1907.
Small hand drawn plan showing location of land referred to in Marple. Bowden Lane/Dale Road.

Three pages on A3 paper, Typed Abstract of the Title of The Compstall Co-operative relating to a plot of land fronting Stockport Road Marple between Isherwood Family and CIS. dated 1953.
Plan showing location on wax paper. (Old Peace Farm/Norbury…

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Three handwritten foolscap pages written by Hugh Fletcher entitled " John Bradshaw, Lord President of the Council which condemned King Charles I to death on Jan 26th 1649".

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Double sided foolscap page handwritten by Hugh Fletcher giving "History of Bradshaw Family" extracted from old deeds and charters.

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Newspaper article from the Daily Telegraph dated 11.5.1999 reporting on Christopher Isherwood private papers having been acquired by the Huntington Library in Los Angeles with Photograph of Christopher Isherwood.

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Photocopy of Extract from Marple Parish Magazine showing a article from the Stockport Advertiser from 7th October 1841 entitled "Festivities at Marple Hall"
Two pages reporting on the week long festivities to celebrate the coming of age of Thomas…

Photocopy of two pages extracted from the Marple Parish Magazine 1893/5 headed " History of the Bradshaw Family, etc. Extracted from Old Deeds and Charters" giving history of Bradshaw family from the time of the conquest of the Saxons to the death of…

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Two colour photographs taken from the Book of Common Prayer with handwritten information on BMD's of the Isherwoods / Bellairs family of Marple Hall.
Dated 1857

6 page article from Stockport Heritage Magazine dated 1988 entitled "A ghostly outline of the Past" Marple Hall was demolished in 1958 but memories linger ...
Smaller sections covering The Purtitan Colonel, The Legend of the "luckless"…

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Two original pencil sketches showing Marple Hall, larger one showing the front and postcard size showing rear view.
Date unknown and artist unknown
Photocopy of drawing of the rear of Marple Hall. Date and artist unknown.

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Photocopy of a portrait of a member of the Isherwood Family. Held at the Stockport Image Archive. Date and photographer unknown.

Possibly Circa 1700's Mary Bradshaw / Pimlott

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Photocopy of book : Everyday life of a Country Gentleman of Cheshire in the 17th Century : is shewn in the private expenditure of Henry Bradshaw of Marple and Wybersleigh by A Craig Gibson F.S.A. (Read 8th January 1863)

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Five pages of type transcript of inserts from Charles Bellairs Diary : date and source unknown.

Booklet printed by Gannow Publishing of Bristol entitled " The Journal of Charles Bellairs in which he records his wooing of Anna Maria Bradshaw-Isherwood of Marple Hall" zwith photographs of brief biography and detailed accounts of his visits to…

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Photocopy of original document listing tithes returns for the township of Marple

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Photocopy of original document listing hearths and stoves liable for tax dated from 1663.
Highlighted is Henry Bradshaw : 13 with Ann Bradshaw : 40

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Photocopy of John Henry Bradshaw Isherwood dated 1924.
Four pages

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Photocopy of Last Will of Henry Bradshaw Isherwood dated 1940
with Probate Registry Office form

Photocopy of document relating to Thomas, affirmation from Mary Isherwood and statement confirming Thomas Isherwood as lawful son of John Isherwood

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Photocopy of Thomas Isherwood original last will dated 1788
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