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Booklet produced by the Brentwood Recuperative Centre giving history of the centre from 1934 to closure in 1970.
Also contains the daily routine & timetable for the mothers and children along with Case Histories.

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Promotional brochure produced by Barchester Healthcare giving details of services and amenities at Marple Dale Care Centre.

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Two photocopies of photographs of Nab Top Sanatorium on Card with handwritten notes giving information to the layout of the buildings

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Photocopies of 41 black and white thumbnails photographs showing the condition of The Dale Hospital during threatening closure and the demonstrations held.
On card. Photographs taken by J Wilshaw 2013

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Extract from History of Marple pages 80. 81, 94 and 95 giving information on health mentioning Nab Top and Marple Dale.

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Photocopies of black & white photographs of Nab Top Sanatorium showing Male block and general aspect, with general history relating to the treatment of TB on card.
Page 209 of B.M.A. on Public Health 1929 paragraph giving information on the…

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Colour photograph of nurses from the Male Ward of the Nab Top Chest Hospital dated 1979.
Given by Liz Asser with brief reminisces of working at Nab Top.

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Compilation of photocopied newspaper articles relating to Marple Dale Hospital from 1969 - 2004 on A3 paper
1969 : Marple Post : "A Hospital like a resort"
1981 : Campaign against closure of Hospital
1982 : Closure and redevelopment
2004 :…

A4 photocopy of a 1922 map showing the location of Nabtop and the Cripples Nursing Home.

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Summary of information in the form of a typed schedule giving timetable on the Health Provisions in Marple from 1875 when little attention to health up to 1965. Information taken from newspaper cuttings collated by Judith Wilshaw

Mr & Mrs Taylors Original National Insurance documents.
1. National Health Insurance Card for 1918, 1919 & 1920
2. Insurance Books for 1912
3. Leaflet giving new rates for 1920
4. Receipt from Doctors 1924

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School project for Health Education by K M Taylor dated 1949 using handwritten text, photographs, advisory leaflets to illustrate the development of the provision for the Welfare of the Children of Marple.

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Handwritten notes from Marple Guides with information on the services covering Sewage disposal, water and hospitals.
1961, 1967, 1969 and 1984.
Author unknown.

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Stockport Primary Care Trust leaflet giving information and statistics covering the Marple Area giving Population, GP's, Hospital, mortality rates and clinics etc.

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Newsletters giving information and advice on local health issues from :
Marple Cottage Surgery :1996.1998 and 2000.
Stockport Road Medical Practice : 1998, 1999 and 2000
Marple Medial Practice : 2004
Marple Bridge Surgery : 2010

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Table II & III produced by Marple Urban District Council giving details of deaths and cases of infections diseases during 1912 on display card.
Typed information on Infectious Disease Act on card

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Photocopy of handwritten statement with notes from Cheshire Records Office stating :
"We have no hospital at all in the Towne of Marple as for the Settled Charity in what was left by George Barnes(late of Marple aforesaid, Yoeman) to the poor Marple…

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Newspaper cutting showing black and white photograph of Marple Cottage Surgery.
Newspaper unknown ; date in ink states 2001

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Information on display card relating to Medical Officer of Health and condemned food after inspections. undated
Two newspaper cuttings from 1970 on the retirement of Health Inspector Mr Frederickk Shacklock after 26 years.
Sewage and sewage…

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Numerous newspaper cuttings relating to health provision in Marple :
a. Newspaper article entitled "MP Opens Marple's new £10,000 welfare clinic" from Stockport Express Thursday October llth 1956 with photo showing Mayor and dignitaries.

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Display item entitled "Clinic Planned But Never Built" show plan from Marple Urban District Council showing the Site of proposed clinic and house for District Nurse, 1.11.1951

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Promotion leaflet for Mellor Nook Residential Home describing facilities and location. Undated
Four colour photographs with residents and staff.
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