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Photocopy of pencil sketch showing the exterior of Low Lea Hall on card. Undated. Artist Joel Wainwright
Two typed pages of information relating the exterior construction dating from 1840. Source unknown

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Extracts from Marple Parish Magazines dating from 1892 - 6 giving information on the Mellor Mill Fire in 1892 and its effect on the community, with list of subscribers and relief payments to workers and their families signed by J Wainwright, Hon.…

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Thirty one page text for a lecture given by Joel Wainwright in the Union Rooms, Marple 1882.
History of Marple within national events, Samuel Oldknows involvement with church, road, mills and other local worthies.

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Original booklet from Marple Recreation Club of an "Interesting Address" by Mr Joel Wainwright J P . Reprinted from the North Cheshire Herald April 28th 1900

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Original Syllabus for Marple Wesley Guild promoting a lecture entitled Reminiscences of a Life-time in Marple and the Neighbourhood by Joel Wainwright 11th October 1904.

Pouch for material relating to Aaron Eccles Family :
1. Photocopies of Houshold Accounts of Aaron Eccles from 1817.
2. Photocopy of Will of Isaac Eccles 1817 Cheshire Records Office.
3. Handwritten list from newspaper/directories mentioning Aaron…

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Photocopy of pages extracted from Manchester Naturalists Society Report 1910(?) Pages 33-35 under heading Marple June 18th : Leader Mr W Taylor giving details of garden party at "Finchwood" the residence of Mr Joel Wainwright, JP Marple Bridge.

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Handwritten with decorative illustrations programmes for Lectures / Entertainments dated 1887 - 1906.
Spring Soiree by Leo H Grindon
National Floral Emblems by Leo H Grindon
Autumnal Foliage by Leo H Grindon
A Lecture on Riches by Joel…

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Handwritten transcript from Manchester Evening News responding to a query 30th May 1908 regarding the origin of the name Wybersley, written by Joel Wainwright.
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