Machinery at Hollins Mill

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Machinery at Hollins Mill


Information and Research into Engines and Machinery at Hollins Mill.


Stockport Advertiser 6th November 1920, 'The Hollins Mill Engine', details of the new engine 1,500 HP.

Letter from Edward Wilkinson to Peter Bardsley - 30 August 1996, names the two engines as Gog and Magog.

Copy of original advert for machinert sale in 1857.

List of sale items, from previous refrence, at Hollins Vale Mill, 4th November 1857.

Extract from 200 Years of Stationary Engines in Stockport by Bernard Hayes, that mentions Hollins Mill engine.

email: from John Glithero to Ann Hearle, with details of research into the online Manchest Guardian, in relation to Hollins Mill.

Copy of a page from unknown book with photo of vertical tandem gas engine.
Photos: interior of mill