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Original copy of "Intercom" Newspaper of Stockport Health Authority from October 1982 with photograph of Treetops Staff and children with donated soft play items on page 7

Paper entitled : An Interesting Old Mansion: with an introduction stating that Members of the Stockport Historical Society's and a few friends paid a visit to Marple Hall the leader being M H A Potter with the Kind permission from Captain…

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Photocopy of an article from British Railway Journal, Autumn 1994 entitled "Marple a One-time Traffic Centre of the Midland Railway" by Warwick Burton giving history with text and photographs along with hand drawn plans of Marple Station c1900

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Two page article from Current Archaeology Issue 204, dated July/August 2006 reporting on the excavations at Mellor with photographs of findings and site.

Nineteen page document entitled "My Wife Doreen - A lovely Lady" written by Tom Oldham (undated) with content describing their meeting, marriage and family life upto Doreens death in 1991.
Two page attachment with jottings and reminiscences of…

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Four pages of typed transcripts taken from "Seen from the Ridge" by the Observer a regular piece from the North Cheshire Herald from 1941.
Topics by"The Observer" covered, Holiday Haunts for Sale and Still helping blitz victims.

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Typed document by Muriel Barton giving information on a group visit to Knowle Farm, Mellor on the 11th August 2007 with detailed description and history of the Farmhouse, the owners and the external buildings.
Also 13 black and white photocopied…

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Material relating to the Wheatsheaf Magazine Compstall Co-op :
1. Original copy of The Wheatsheaf Magazine from August 1938. Donated by Peter Clark.
2. Three photocopies of promotional material from Wheatsheaf.
a. 1935 : Entitled "Yours" listing…

The Factory Girl’: ballad by Robert Dibb of Dewsbury, dedicated to factory reformer John Wood, c. 1836 The Factory Act of 1847, also known as the Ten Hours Act was an United Kingdom Act of Parliament which restricted the working hours of women and…

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Three page article by John W S Hearle in the Textile Magazine from 2005 giving history mills in the area and the closure of Cataract Bridge Mill with photographs of the interior machinery.

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Original Copy of 6 page publication "The Magazine" dated 2014 published by Hazel Grove Liberal Democrats with interviews with Lisa Smart candidate for MP

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Leaflet to promote the Reading Lifelines Projects which aims to increase the audience of 15-25 year old by creation of improved facilities with a leisure/study area in June 2001.
Also giving a timetable of events to be held

Photocopy of two page document entitled "Toll Bars and Turnpikes" by Arthur Hulme with expense sheets for a journey between Macclesfield and Norfolk for 1836

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Leaflet of events planned for 150 years of Transport in Marple celebration incorporating the Locks Festival July 1st - 5th 2015.

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Two pages of downloaded information from the 1734 Poll for Glossop Parish with details of Mellor residents.
Downloaded 2007 from

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Photocopies of two A3 pages of the orginal handwritten ledger for Land Tax Assessments for Cheshire, Stockport Division for the Township of Marple dated 1780

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Photocopy of single page on card of the 1794 Land Tax Assessment for the Township of Marple.

Photocopies of 8 pages from the original handwritten ledger for the Land Tax Assessments for the year 1799 in the County of Chester for the Township of Marple

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Four photocopied pages giving information on the area of land and valuation along with owners & occupiers for 1836.
Dove Bank Mill and the Wallers Highlighted on Page 30 along with local area properties.

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Photocopy of OS map (Second Edition) dated 1898 showing location of All Saints Church and its surroundings on A3 paper.

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A3 photocopy of a 1899 map of Romiley and Compstall area, with Peak Forest Canal and Sheffield & Midland Joint Railway and surrounding farmland.

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Research Material gathered by present owner (2019) on the history of the house and its surroundings including dated maps, legal documents, photographs, census records, Land Registry documents and building survey report.

A4 photocopy of a 1922 map showing the location of Nabtop and the Cripples Nursing Home.

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Photocopy of map from 1934 showing Marple Hall Estate, buildings and parkland.
Note from exhibition stating slow growth during 1886 - 1924 and Isherwoods continued to sell of parcels of land for development.

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Numerous photocopies of Marple business advertisements dating from 1892 to 1938 extracted from pages of All Saint Parish Magazine.
All copies are individually dated.
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