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Item 1 009.jpg Material on Compstall Hall : Residents and Dates
Item 1 014.jpg Newspaper Articles relating to Compstall Area
Item 1 001.jpg Compstall : The Mill and Village : Undated
Item 1 005.jpg Lecture : Andrews Family & Compstall Mill : Given 1934/5
Collection Scan_20190511 (16).jpg Compstall Miscellaneous
Item Scan_20180507 (7).jpg Memories of Compstall 1930's & 40's : Brian Kay
Item 1 012.jpg Extract from Mr Thelwalls Book "The Andrews Compstall & their Mill" re non-conformity at Compstall
Collection Scan_20200723.jpg St Paul's Compstall (Anglican) :
Item Scan_20190401 (14).jpg Material relating to subsidence at Compstall : Coal Pit Collapse : 1907
Item 1 002.jpg The Compstall Story by Leslie Rice : 1984
Item 1 001.jpg Boarding Schools in Marple & Compstall Area
Item 1 009.jpg Notes of Talk : The Andrews & Compstall their village given by Mr R E Thelwall
Collection 1 004.jpg Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society
Collection orlando.pdf Compstall Mill / Andrew Family
Item 1 002.jpg Compstall & Etherow Country Park Visitor Guide
Item 1 004.jpg Whitebottom Farm, Compstall
Item 1 004.jpg Notes on Compstall Mills
Collection 1 004.jpg Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society : Folder 2
Item mill 002.jpg Photograph of Chimney at Compstall Mill
Item Scan_20180518.jpg George Andrews, Compstall
Collection memo 001.jpg Compstall Co-operative Industrial Society : Folder 1
Item 1 001.jpg Compstall Choral Society
Item school 001.jpg Photographs : Compstall School Classes
Item 1 002.jpg Material & Memories relating to Compstall and Edwards Family
Item 1 017.jpg Compstall Memorial Cross