The Artistic Religious Environment

St Martins

Why do churches look the way they do ?

Study afternoon. Some religious traditions like artistic settings for their observances, others need simplicity.

With Geoff Brammall and Anthony Burton:

  • 2.00 Geoff Brammall surveys diverse worship traditions.
  • 3.00 Afternoon Tea.
  • 3.40 Anthony Burton describes diverse buildings devised to suit the various traditions.

Saturday 13 April 2019, 2.00 to 4.30:

The hall is behind the church, which is on Brabyns Brow, Marple, next to Marple station
ALL WELCOME Admission £8 at the door -


Please (in order to ensure that we make enough tea) sign up in advance by contacting Ann Sayer on 0161 427 2542 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.