About Strines

New printworks under construction for C.P.A at Strines.

About Strines

Heritage: The area known as Strines was in medieval times part of a large hunting forest - the Forest of the Peak - covering much of the Peak District and surrounding area. Eventually the more useful areas were taken over (assarted) by local families. Thus began the origins of the Strines Hall Estate.

Local Landscape: The River Goyt which winds through the Strines valley often changes from trickle to torrent. It is bounded by flat pastures giving way to a patchwork of fields and old dense woodland on the hills on either side.
The area is criss-crossed with footpaths, ancient roads and packhorse routes, an ideal area to observe wildlife.

Projects:The Strines Recreation Ground Charity has several ongoing projects and interests. From restoring the Dove Cote and the Clock Face, to an ongoing local history project.

Community: These also include general amenity improvements at the recreation ground and around the local area.

The Strines Community are frequently holding events at the Pavilion and recreation ground.There are a number of local groups, including Friends of Strines Station (F.O.S.S), the Church and even local singing and yoga groups.

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The Strines Journal

IsomStrines PrintworksThe Strines Journal

Joel Wainwright was a protege of Joseph Sidebotham, a senior partner and significant man in the printworks development. Joel worked his way up to become accountant and then manager of the Works serving from 1849 to 1905. From 1852 he was responsible, along with J M Gregory for producing a handwritten journal containing items of interest regarding activities in the works and educational features from further afield. These were accompanied by drawings, watercolours and early photographs. They were circulated round the works monthly and were eventually bound into 5 volumes. Until 2013 these were still in the Wainwright’s family ownership when Rosemary Taylor, a local historian, located them and they are now housed in the Rylands Library in Manchester.

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Strines History Project

Strines Printworks History Project

The above is now complete. the one small remaining stone building has been renovated to use as a history room. Next to this the original works clock (Bruce's Clock 1809) has been cleverly restored with HLF grant and installed in a purpose built clock tower. Also the Strines Journal has been digitalised and a simplified version can be accessed on the Strines website (www.strines.co.uk).

An opening ceremony is planned during our annual fete on July 2nd. The clock will be officially started at 12.00pm at the millpond entrance. There will be a countdown by as many children as we can muster.

All welcome.

Mel Smith