At a glance: Meetings 2020 - 2021 Season

emmeline pankhurst manchester

Emmeline Pankhurst statue unveiled in Manchester 14th December 2018

Due to Covid-19 all this season's talks were cancelled.

Season 2020 - 2021

  • 21st September:  Andy Smith - Living & Working in Antarctica CANCELLED
  • 19th October: Gervase Phillips -  The American Civil War, Lancashire and the Cotton Famine CANCELLED
  • 16th November: Andrew Simcock - The story of the Pankhurst Statue CANCELLED
  • 14th December (2nd Mon.): Craig Wright - A History of Rose Hill Station CANCELLED
  • 18th January:  Judith Wilshaw  -  Brabyns Park CANCELLED
  • 15th February: David Kitching - Norbury Colliery CANCELLED
  • 15th March:  Stephen Caunce - Men Difficult to Lead and Impossible to Drive CANCELLED
  • 19thApril:  AGM &  Ted Hancock - Queen Victoria’s visit to Sheffield in 1897 CANCELLED