Marple Local History Society Trips in 2012 - 2013

October 2012: Peterloo Walk

In early October Jonathan Schofield had opened the season of the Society with a lively and informative talk on the Peterloo Massacre.A sunny day in August 1819 brought an event that echoes down through the years as a turning point in suffrage of the population and the role of the press in the reporting of political events. Though the government of the time cracked down on reform with the passing of Six Acts,the tide of democracy had begun to rise.

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February 2013: Rochdale Town Hall & Toad Lane Museum

Rochdale Town Hall Grade 1

Rather unfairly, Rochdale is often regarded as being a bit of a backwater. We drive past it on the motorway but don’t think of visiting it. Perhaps that’s why Judith planned an outing there as she had never been to Rochdale either.

Everybody knows Gracie Fields came from Rochdale and, more recently, so did Cyril Smith. However, did you know that John Bright (Anti-Corn Law League) was also born there and, for the real nerds, Lord Byron (mad, bad and dangerous to know) had the full title of Baron Byron of Rochdale. Now that is someone the good burghers of Rochdale would rather not acknowledge. Not at all respectable.

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May 2013: Uncovering Mellor Mill

Sunday 12th May 2013

Samuel Oldknow started building Mellor Mill in 1790, and, at six storeys high and four hundred feet long, it was the largest water powered cotton spinning mill ever built in this country.  The mill spun cotton yarn for a hundred years until on a dark November night in 1892, fire broke out and gutted the building.  It was too badly damaged to be repaired. The walls fell down in a thick layer of rubble, trees grew everywhere, adding layers of fallen leaves and soil to hide all the features.

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July 2013: Marton Church & Congleton

Summer Outing 2013

Marton Church and Congleton

Wednesday 3rd July 2013

It was touch and go! Judith was still in Iceland two days before our trip but fortunately Eyjafjallajökull behaved itself and there was no need to involve the designated Deputy Leader. First stop on the way to Congleton was Marton in order to see the church – the oldest timber-framed church still in use in Europe.

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