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Browse through this collection of stories drawn from many sources including the Society's archive, newspapers and online sources. The catalyst to begin research varies from an inquiry that comes to Society, a document that arrives at the archive, or another trigger that sets the delving off.

Hollins Mill 1911:Dressed up for George V's Coronation

Old Manor Farm

Marple has five nationally important buildings, listed by English Heritage as either Grade 1 or Grade II* One of these is Old Manor Farm, tucked away above the Marple Brook which runs in the valley near Dan Bank. Described by Pevsner as 'a small medieval manor house, the central part timber-framed, probably 15th century, with a two-bay hall of cruck construction. Later wings were added, the service wing of stone, the other half-timber.' Its importance was recognised in 1951 when it was featured in Cheshire Life as one of the “Homes of Cheshire”.

(left: Old Manor Farm at Dan Bank, 1981)

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1683 Thomas Massey House

A story that comes courtesy of Marple Historical Society.The Marple in Pennsylvania, which had a population in 2010 of 23,478,and area of 10.5 square miles whilst Marple’s, Cheshire population in 2011 was 23,686 in an area of 11 square miles, almost identical twins ! Marple Township, Delaware County,  originates from 1684, on the 29th September 1863; Quakers had settled the county Delaware after sailing along the River Delaware, in the ship Endeavor.

The following article is taken from the Spring-Summer issue of the Marple Historical Society newsletter, not to be confused with the Marple Local History Society.Special thanks to Rich Paul of Marple Historical Society.

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A Tale of Two Torrents

A tale of local deluges, separated by eighty years, and the damage that they caused.

Both stories are drawn from contemporary newspaper reports of their day. The first from the Stockport Advertiser of 1911, describes a flood in the May of that year, in Compstall and beyond.

Whilst the second, from the Stockport Express of December 24th 1991, reports on the collapse of the retaining wall in Town Street, Marple Bridge

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An Edwardian Flyer from 1911

The catalyst for 'Tale of Two Torrents' article, in the archive story section, was a flyer from 1911, donated to the archive. Printed on glossy paper, the photographic block used in its production is quoted as being made by Highams Ltd., Hyde. A piece of ephemera, ephemera can be be defined as ''the minor transient documents of everyday life'. It can also be described as material which is not intended to survive its immediate purpose or which exists for only a short time. The origin of this flyer is not known, a present for Christmas 1911, a review of the year included in a paper ?

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