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11 pages downloaded from Globalnet website uploaded by W G Heath with a Preface giving information on "A Mellor Boyhood" with an update and additions to the original typed transcript from 1975 ( CAB/02/07).
Downloaded 2011
Full Version of "A…

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Photocopy of poster for Glendale Country Restaurant, Dale Road, Marple giving information on opening times and services.
Date 1960's approx.

Scan_20190115 (7).jpg
Photocopy of a Newscuttings & Scrap Book created by Doreen McQuaker with newspaper articles, letters and photographs from various newspapers and magazines and Local Council dating from 1969 / 1970 in relation to the erection of Cobden Cross.

Scan_20190115 (6).jpg
Photocopy of small black and white photograph of St Sebastian's Church, Marple Bridge.
Date and source unknown.

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Photocopy of typed four page Indenture dated 20th December 1845 for a release of two parcels of land in Mellor between Thomas Waller, Cotton Manufacturer and John Braddock Walmsley and the Association called "Wesleyan Methodist Association" to…

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Booklet entitled "The Ridge Methodist Church" from 2018 giving brief history of Marple and The Ridge Church with current activities and amenities over eight pages.

Single page setting out "the Evolution of different Methodist Churches" in tram line diagram showing the different non conformist Methodist churches with dates of their formation and mergers from 1810 to 1930.
Source unknown

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Eight pages titled "Mellor Mill Illus Compressed" emailed in 2017 from unknown source giving tech information on Goodfellow Engine installed at Mellor Mill with technical information, drawings and illustrations of other examples of Mill Engines.

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Assortment of photocopied photographs of Mellor Lodge from various sources including Stockport Library and F Robinson's Album.
Photocopy of front Cover of the Official Guide of Marple, showing Mellor Lodge.
Photocopy of Manchester Guardian article…

Photocopy of tinted photograph showing Mellor Lodge and black and white photograph of Nurse Sabina Amelia Harris and child in a pram.
Typed text explains that handwritten note on the reverse states that the the child is Marise Marsland aged 1 year…

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Two colour photographs taken from the Book of Common Prayer with handwritten information on BMD's of the Isherwoods / Bellairs family of Marple Hall.
Dated 1857

Scan_20181221 (5).jpg
Four page article entitled "The Marple Mixture" from Cheshire Life July 1980 written by Avril White who "sifts the village ingredients", Black and white photographs of Marple and locals

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Photocopy of extract from Lancashire & Cheshire Antiquarian Society dated 1952/53 of an article headed "Chadkirk Chapel" by T M Griffith giving history and description of the Chapel.
Pages 156 - 174.

Scan_20181221 (2).jpg
Two typed pages giving explanation on Mellor Archaeological Trust involvement with STORM a Europe wide initiative to reduce the impact of climate change on heritage.
Source unknown : Date 2016/2017

Single Page photocopy of an extract (query Pevesnor?) under the heading "Mellor" (pages 478 & 479).
Information on the architecture and history of St Thomas's on Church Road, Hearse House, Methodist Church (former), Longhurst Lane, Mellor Hall and…

Several photocopies maps, schedules and material relating to the housing clearance during the 1950/60's : All on A3
a. Two page Typed schedule dated 1961 listing properties addresses, with information on the Tenants and families, their requirements…

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A4 tinted hand drawn cartoon novelty street map "Drawn by Mike" highlighting the center of Marple with decorative lozenge stating "Map of Marple as it seemed to be 1956 - 67" with properties of friends and relatives highlighted with scrolls.

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Black & White photograph of Ernest Carver b. 1861
Photocopy of portrait painting in oval frame of Alice Carver.
Ernest Carver parents: Thomas & Hannah Carver.
One of eleven children (seven of whom survived to adulthood).
Married Alice Bagshawe…

Scan_20181130 (2).jpg
Booklet : Memories of Strines by John W Taylor a New Mills Local History Society publication under the New Mills History Notes No 13.
Thirty Two typed memories as told by Mr Taylor recorded in 1965 with photographs and illustrations by Mrs E…

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39 Page photocopy of original auction catalogue dating from 14th October 1936 for the contents of 53 & 55 Stockport Road, Marple.
Auction held over 3 days by Artingstall & Hind Limited of Manchester of "Antique & Modern Furnishings" by the order of…

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Material relating to Field House, it design with drawings, and its history during the first world war.
Photocopies of 23 pages extracted from Will Bucks Journal with brief history of house and Marple. Drawing and photographs of family and the…

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Two photocopied pages from unknown publication giving information on Marple Circular Walk and the prizes with local business advertisements.
The walk starts at the Navigation Hotel in Marple and has "checking stations" at Romiley Arms, Bulls Head,…

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Photocopy of black and white photograph of dignitaries outside Marple Military Hosptial including Dutchess of Westminster, Miss Hudson, local worthies with Doctors and nursing staff.
Typed key giving names and titles.
Taken June 15th 1916

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Three typed reports with headlines "Wounded Soldiers at Marple", "At St Martins" and "Thrilling Experiences" reporting on events at Brabyns Hall Military Hospital, date and source unknown

Black and white original photograph showing Miss Hudson, Staff and soldiers outside Brabyns Hall taken in November 1914.
Hand drawn key listing names
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