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Two leaflets "The Etherow & Goyt Valleys" published by the Valley Warden Service with sketch showing points of interest and industrial historical information, opening hours. undated

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Plan of Ludworth Moor Colleries with hand written text and illustrations : October 1979.
Author unknown.

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Photocopy of hand drawn technical map by Brian Lamb, Stretford dated 1967 with dimensions, and history with important dates on A3 paper

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Photocopies of Pages 45 & 268 extracted from "Hadfields British Canals" The Inland Waterway of Britain and Ireland by Charles Hadfield showing local views of Marple aqueduct and Goyt Mill.

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Three original copies of programmes for Garden Fetes in 1950, 1955 and held at Brabyns Hall Gardens organised by the United Nations' Association, Marple, Mellor and Ludworth Branch.
Programmes giving brief history of Babyns Hall, events and opening…

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Original flyer promoting "Facts & Fun Day" at the Roman Lakes a fundraising and awareness day for the Mellor Archaeological Trust & Friends of our Valley on Sunday 3rd September 2017 listing events, lectures and stalls.

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Photocopy of newspaper cutting from Stockport Advertiser dated 24th June 1910 giving an account of a Fete held at the Roman Bridge Lakes in aid of the Marple Sick Nursing Society, giving details of events held and names of committee and participants…

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A4 document with photographs and information on donated Marple Boats Rally Plaques with history of the event from its first rally in 1966 when over 200 boats attend at Marple.
Plaques donated by John Foley of Waterway Restoration Group, stored in…

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Summary of e mail correspondence to Hilary Atkinson MLHS forwarding two photographs and jottings from talks with a lady who lived at (or had links with) Brabyns Farm.
Photographs :
1. Child on bridge : Mary Daniel, (nee Boden) Iron Bridge…

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Handwritten 6 page account of a talk given by Charles Ingham on the History of Marple Band to the Marple Antiquarian Society : Undated.
Mr Ingham is a member of the band (e flat trombone) and gave a lively and informative talk.


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Typed research material, photocopies of original letters and agreements from Manchester Libraries and typed history of Mr Thomas Carrill Worsley who owned Hill Top Estate in Marple and coal mines in the area.
Author unknown.

Newspaper cuttings relating to WW1 & WW2 :
1. 1920 : High Peak Reporter 6th & 13th November "Mellor War Memorial : Unveiling Ceremony.
2. 1934 : Unknown Publication : Drumhead Service & Legion of Honor unveiled, photographs with names of…

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Four typed extracts taken from Marple Urban District Council Minutes Book 1942 requesting co-operation with the County Council by holding a "Warships Week" to aid the National Savings Campaign for November 1941.
MUDC Minutes book held at Stockport…

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A3 Drawing and key showing the proposed restoration of Mellor Memorial Gardens : Not to scale : No date

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Original War Office Pamphlet : Infantry Training Volume 1, Infantry Platoon Weapons, Phamplet No 2, Fieldcraft (all arms) : 1948.
Instruction covering all elements of fieldcraft, observation, concealment, movement etc with black and white…

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Original Board of Trade Clothing Book from 1947 - 1948.

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Single page document with army details and account of the death of Frederic Burdekin from Mellor.

Research material and correspondence with P Jennings & MLHS in regard to the Tank Banks under the National War Bonds and Savings Certificate and awarded to Marple for their contribution.
Photograph show tank at Marple Memorial Park.

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Photocopy of Log Book for "Marple" Lancaster Bomber aircraft and crew with record of operations.
Paid for by public contributions from Marple Residents.
Crashed in Switzerland on last mission to Fredrichschafen on 27.4.44.
Full story by Peter…

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Original booklet from National Service a guide to the ways men and women can join the National Service with a message from the Prime Minister

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Photocopy of front cover of the Log Book from Marple Savings Committee in the "Wings for Victory" a National Savings Campaign : 1943 showing target and achievement.

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Original soldiers Service & Pay book for Ada Nicholls with badges and black and white photographs carried with the book.

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Numerous Public Information Booklets/ Leaflets from Government / Local Council 1939 - 1941 :
1. Public Information Leaflet No 1 : Somethings you should know if war should come.
2. Public Information Leaflet No 2 : Masking your windows.
3. Public…

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Original leaflet promoting Remembrance Sunday Service to be held at Mellor Memorial Memorial and Marple Memorial Park for Sunday 14th November 2004.

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Two original programmes for events at Mellor War Memorial :
1. Unveiling and Dedication of the Mellor War Memorial in honor of men who died in Great War 1914 - 1918. Order of Proceedings on Saturday 6th November 1920 unveiled by F C Arkwright…
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