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Coal Mines in Marple and District.


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Booklet : Ludworth Moor Colliery by Geoffrey du Feu and Roderick Thackray
Booklet giving history of the Mine and the Men of Ludworth Moor Colliery printed in 1981. Photgraphs and map workings.
Newspaper advertisement attached from 1982 for the Best House Coal from Ludworth Moor and flyer

Photographs of workings in Ludworth Moor Colliery : 1950 & 1981
Photocopies and photographs of Ludworth Moor Colliery:
a. 1950 showing Alf Gee at the Coal Face (As cover of Booklet)
b. 1981 Travelling to the coalface.
c. Photocopy : Geoff du Fen with Rod Thackary on right 14.7.1981
d. Photocopy : Geoff…

Notes on Old Norbury Colliery 1968-69
Typed Notes entitled The Old Norbury Colliery from High Lane Resident 1968 - 69, giving history and details of work at Norbury Colliery.

Ludworth Moor Colliery Tramway : Notes
Notes with sketch of Ludworth Moor Colliery and tramway with hand written text and illustrations : October 1979.
Author unknown.

Letter dated 1879 re High Peak Mellor Colliery
Photocopy of letter dated 22nd August 1879 from W Eagle of Manchester with regard to the abandonment of one of the mines after his visit to Mr Jowetts mines (High Peak Mellor Colliery) discussing general mining matters.

Flyer showing Ludworth Moor Coal Company prices : 1983
Original flyer from Ludworth Moor Coal Company, New Mills, giving details of the prices of their products for Summer 1983.

Material relating to subsidence at Compstall :  Coal Pit Collapse : 1907
Material relating to the collapse of the coal pit at Compstall in 1907.
a. Newspaper report from The Reporter 22nd June 1907 "Alarming Subsidence at Compstall reporting on the exciting scene.
b. Handwritten newspaper report from High Peak / Ashton…

Sketch of section of Mellor Colliery Mine :  1964
Sketch on A3 paper showing a sketch of a section of Mellor Colliery Mine.
Drawn by W.E.W. 1964

"A Colliery at Each End " Newspaper Report : Pre 1892
Original and transcript of newspaper report under the heading "Reminiscences of Marple Bridge : A time when the Village was Alive : A Colliery at Each End : The Good Old Days" . Date unknown could be before 1892 written as post mill fire.

Mr Jowetts visit to Tom Oldham : Workings of Collieries : 1974
Typed 3 page letter to Tom Oldham from Mr Jowett in 1974 recalling the working of collieries and other industries in the Marple Area in the 1920's.
Also single page typed notes from Tom Oldham after Mr Jowetts visit on the 20th August 1974.

Extract : "Coal in Tenants' Past" from Bill Whalley Records
Handwritten double sided original notes taken from Bill Whalley's records.
Extract from a letter of various dates "Coal in Tenants' Past, Mellor" by Duchy of Lancaster plans No 23 & 79 Public Records Office concerning ownership and other issues.

Newspaper cuttings relating to Coal Mining  in Marple Area
Numerous newspaper cuttings relating to Ludworth Coal Mine from 1970 with information and photographs of mine and the miners who worked the coal face starting with Alf Gee the owner from 1953.
Miscellaneous newspaper headline reports on coal mining…
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