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Typed transcriptions of five indentures from The Arundel Papers relating to the King's Part of the Common Land of the Township of Mellor from Ann Hearle's papers 2019 :
a. 23rd February 1680
b. 17th May 1682
c. 18th May 1683 :
d. 9th June 1764…

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Copy Conveyance of lands and mills situated at Marple dated 2nd September 1876 between the Trustees under the will of Perter Arkwright Esq deceased to John Clayton & Company Limited.
Two photocopies on A3 paper showing map of land mentioned in the…

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Miscellaneous small newspaper cuttings relating to local schools recording events, achievements etc. from 1990's :
a. Pre-schools & Nurseries
b. All Saints Primary
d. Holy Spirit & St Mary's Catholic Schools
e. Ludworth Primary (also see…

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Two photocopies of measured drawings of Marple Hall and outbuildings held in the collection of the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England in Swindon.
Letter confirming request by A Hearle in 1997.

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Single page document from unknown publication with text and photographs showing Sandy Lane, Romiley and the Savoy Cinema

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14 hand drawn plans of Mellor Lodge that was Samuel Oldknow's residence built in 1794.
Exterior : details showing Front, reverse, side and roof elevations with measurements and details of material used.
Interior : plans showing layout of rooms…

Newspaper cuttings relating to farms in the Marple Area, various topics, dates and publications, properties include :
a. Ridge End Farm : Farm History Uncovered : 2004
b. Rhode Hove Farm : Advertisement for Fresh Milk : 1994
c. Lower Dale Farm :…

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Two punched pockets containing numerous small miscellaneous newspaper cuttings from various publications and dates relating to fund raising and charity events in the Marple Area.

Typed list giving details of individual charities.

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Two laminated documents relating to the Regent Cinema from E Arnfield the Chief Projectionist.
a. Authorisation letter on headed memo paper dated from 1940 certifying Edwin Arnfield has full charge of the cinema.
b. Handwritten diagram and letter…

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Laminated copy of a Brady & Son, Auctioneers notice of Sale of Freehold Property at Marple to be held at the Bulls Head, 4th July 1921.
Properties include shop & five cottages on Stockport Road, and Canal Street, Marple and eight cottages on Church…

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Photocopy of booklet giving an account of "The Great Storm in Peakland" by "H.R.B." on 18th June 1930 in "vivid pen and pictures".
The flood effected a wide area and Pages 21 to 29 cover the Rowarth and New Mills area and the death of the landlord…

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Numerous newspaper cuttings on miscellaneous topic in and around Mellor Village area.
Examples 1967 : Original and photocopy of front page of the North Cheshire Herald on Flood at Moor End, Mellor
2016 : Mill Brow Recreation Park
Other small…

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Numerous newspaper cuttings and magazine articles relating to the activities and events held by Marple Arts Group dating from 1973.

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Newspaper reports on wells / culverts found around the Marple Area:
a. Two articles from Stockport Messenger and High Peak Echo dated 1992 : Well found in garden in Marple
b. Date unknown Editors letter re Well Cottage, Church Street, Marple.

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Newspaper cuttings relating to the Marple Drama Group located at All Saints school which started in 2012 with classes for children from 6 - 16.

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Newspaper cuttings relating to women's groups including WRVS, Women's Institute and Women's Register

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Newspaper cuttings relating to the Acorns School, Hibbert Lane, Marple an Independent school established in 1997.

Numerous small newspaper cuttings relating to Peacefield Primary School, Cross Lane, Marple dating from 1973 covering miscellaneous events and special occasions.

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Numerous newspaper cuttings relating to people of the Marple area dating from 1962 reporting on special anniversaries, achievements, local celebrities and dignitaries.
Brief selection include :
UDC Mayor Jack Taylor, Stockport Mayor Phillip…

Miscellaneous small newspaper cutting relating to Writers and Journalist from the Marple Area including :
Stuart Webb
Mark Slingsby
K C Dowling
Rod Spronson
Julie Robinson
Paul Beatty
Chris Simms
James Shaw
Anthony Barlow
Not all writers…

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Numerous miscellaneous small newspaper cuttings and Magazine articles from 1979 featuring Artists from the Marple Area and Marple Arts :
Timmy Mallett
Gareth Jones
Patricia Linnell
Matt Kvasnk
Rob Wilson
Eamon Murphy
Derek Cheetham

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10 pages of research handwritten material under the heading "Education Provision in the Hundred of Macclesfield" by B F Chadwick a Thesis for Manchester University including relevant Acts of Parliament, church, private schools with…

Four typed pages giving information on the Churches of Marple & Mellor listing important historical dates and details.
Author unknown

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Photocopied newspaper cuttings in relation to the proposed housing development on Briarwood Crescent, Upper Hibbert Lane, Hawk Green from August - October 1974

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Numerous newspaper cuttings relating to Mellor Mill and surroundings :
a. Newspaper cutting from Stockport Times East 2011 with photographs of Bob Humphrey-Taylor asking for volunteers for an archaeological excavation of Mellor Mill.
b. Several…
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