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Emigration in Marple and District.


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Research Material :  Longdens / Shawcross : America / Australia
Genealogical research papers, birth/death certificates for the Longden Needham Family.
Photocopied handwritten correspondence from 1862 - 1911
Photocopied documents dated 1911 : 1862 from City of Brisbane off Plymouth

Lindleys, William Waterhouse, James Heathcote, Samuel Wood, Astins
Correspondence / research documents for the Lindsey/Wood family.
Photocopy of "A Life Sketch of Daniel Lindsey & Hannah Wood" by Sheron Hoggan with photographs and History from 1822 - 1893.
Photocopied information from the Genealogical Records of…

Newspaper Articles relating to Emigration
Various photocopied newspaper articles, cuttings and research data covering Emigration dating from 1842 - 1872.

Orlando Hibbs Genealogy : Correspondence with Leslie Poole USA
Correspondence with Leslie Poole USA for genealogical research of Compstall ancestry and descendants of Orlando Hibbs.
Photographs of Poole/Hibbs/Waters family 1908 -2007

Correspondence with Linda Relias, Winnetka USA : Bridge Ancestry.
Correspondence with Linda Relias, Winnetka, Illinois from 2010 with regard to the Bridge Family Ancestry who lived in Chapel Houses.

Wild / Arnfield Ancestry query from D Sheldon USA
Typed letter from Douglas Sheldon, New Jersey, dated 1989 with enquiry regarding family ancestry for Wild/Arnfield.
His great grandmother was Catherine Jinks of Jinks's Boat Yard

Griffith family Enquiry from Australia
E mail correspondence and photographs from John Griffiths, Dardanup, Western Australia with enquiry into his family connection to the Griffiths of Longhurst Lane, Marple.
Research data, photocopies of gravestone of Griffiths family, photographs of…

List of Emigrants produced by Ann Hearle
Four page list of Emigrants produced from Ann Hearles Research dated 1988, giving names in alphabetical order and dates from 1776 -1891 covering USA, Australia and Canada

Correspondence from G Finlay USA : Littleforth Family
Correspondence from Gary Findlay, Utah with enquiry for the Littleforth Family giving research details already established.
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