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Forge Bank Mill


Forge Bank Mill in Marple Bridge.


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Estate Agents Brochures for Forge Bank Mill : Various Dates
Estate Agents brochures with Sales details for Forge Bank Mill:
October 1976, 1992 and undated.

Forge Bank Mill Material gathered by Ian Statham
Notice promoting Museum and and Craft Workshops with directions and information of the history of Forge Bank Mill Waterwheel and newspaper cutting.
Colour photograph of the commemorative plaque unveiled after the restoration of waterwheel opened…

Drawings of Forge Bank Mill by P. Linnell,  F. Mafrici & A J Pass
Two pen drawing of Forge Bank Mill
1. Francesco Mafrici 1987
2. Pat Linnell : Undated
3. A J Pass : Undated

Restoration Fund Appeal Certificate
Original Certificate given to Mr T F Oldham who contributed to the Spade Forge Waterwheel Restoration Fund Appeal.
Information on the Certificate : The Old building was originally a water powered forge, where spades and other implements were…

Newspaper Articles : Restoration of Mill : 1986
Two newspaper Articles.
1, The Stockport Times dated July 18th 1986 entitled "Wheel of Fortune" Tourist attraction for Marple Bridge, giving details of the restoration of the waterwheel at Forge Bank Mill with photograph of Frank Curtis

Photographs of Forge Bank Mill during Restoration : Undated
Four Black and white photographs showing Forge Bank Mill during the restoration work.

Booklet : Forge Bank Waterwheel : Jean Curtis
Original copy of a booklet entitled "Forge Bank Waterwheel" by Jean Curtis (undated) giving history, decline and work in 1987 reinstated the wheel.
Twenty three pages with text and photographs.
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