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Gas Works in Marple and District.


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A History of the Marple Gas Undertaking 1845-1949
Ring bound book entitled "A History of the Marple Gas Undertaking 1845 - 1949" by David Loverseed, published by the North West Gas Historical Society 1993 giving history and development of Marple Gas , list of Shareholders and memories from…

Booklet : The Gas Question in Marple 1887
Booklet entitled The 'Gas Question' in Marple 1887 : Acquisition of the Marple Gas Company by the Marple (Cheshire)Local Board by D E Loverseed, 1993.
History and development of Gas in Marple with table of Shareholders.

Certificate of Incorporation : 1855
Original and Photocopy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Marple Gas Company Limited dated 16th January 1865.

Sketch of Marple Gas Works c1938
Sketch Plan of Marple Gasworks c1938 showing its location in Marple and buildings housed within the site works, offices, boiler houses, weight bridge etc. on A3 paper.

Copy of Plumbers Bill : T J Ward : 1910
Photocopy of memorandum from John J Ward, Registered Plumber of Marple for monies due for installation of gas fittings totaling £15.10s.0d. dated 1910.

Memorandum of Association : 1865
Photocopy of Memorandum of Association of the Marple Gas Co.Ltd. giving names and addresses of subscribers, signed and dated June 1865. 3 pages on A3 paper
Certificate of Incorporation dated 4th July 1865

Information from Gas Department
Photocopy of information from Gas Department of its undertakings in the Marple Area listing gas mains, meters, cooking stoves and charges along with its responsibilities. On card.

Miscellaneous information on Marple Gas
Miscellanous information :
From Displays headings, details of James Platt in 1845, Chronological information Marple Gas to Nationalisation.
Stockport Advertiser 4th April 1952 p4 c3 : Gas production ceases in Marple Bridge

Gas Acts 1886 and 1911
Two original copies of Acts dated 1886 and 1911.
Transfer of undertakings from Marple Gas Co Limited to Marple Local Board : 1886
Act to confer further powers to the Marple Urban District Council with regard to their gas undertakings. 1911

Photographs of Gas Works, Gasometer & Mr Keiller, Manager of Gas Works
Three black & white photographs of Gas Works and Gasometer at Marple Bridge from several angles, on card.
Situated at Lower Fold, Marple Bridge, early 1970's.
Postcard with black and white photograph of Mr G.E.H. Keiller, Engineer & Manager of…
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