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Minute Book of Marple Liberal Co Ltd : 1887-1923
Original Handwritten ledger of the Marple Liberal Club Building Co. Limited recording minutes of Shareholders, Directors Meetings along with names of Directors
Started in July 1887, last entry 27th December 1923.

Exchange of Land at the Memorial Park : 1984
Correspondence from 1984/85 between Metropolitan Borough of Stockport and Marple Liberal Club with regard to a proposal to resolve a boundary dispute with a map highlighting the area.

Plans showing filled in Spur of canal & Correspondence : Boundary Dispute : 1970's
Plans and correspondence from SMBC with regard to a boundary dispute at the rear of the Liberal Club.
Plans show filled in spur of Peak Forest Canal which lead to Hollins Mill.
Dated 1975, 1976 and 1976

Plan of Liberal Club : undated
Proposed plan for Liberal Club, Marple on wax paper from Architects, H B Higginbottom of Manchester.
Detailing layout of floors with first floor consisting of Billiard Room and platform, and ground floor with the reading, smoking, Steward and…

Letter 1913 E Chadderton, Chairman of Finance
Original letterhead letter from Marple Liberal Club dated 1913 with information of the resolution passed to appoint Mr A E Chadderton as Chairman of Finance.

Six Bills for Repairs / Purchases  1906
Six Original Bills to the Marple Liberal Club for Repairs/Purchases:
1. The One Great Tea "Sccotonia" Co Manchester : Tea for brewing purposes
2. M Dawson of Marple : China
3. Heathcotes of Marple : Stationery
4. N Middleton of Marple :…

Prospectus  & Form of application for Shares  : 1887
Original Prospectus and form for application of Shares at £1 each to raise capital of £1,500 for the Liberal Club Building Company Limited outlining proposed scheme.
Details of Directors, Bankers, Solictor and Secretary pro tem.

Possett Bridge Scheme : 1960's & Dedicated Agreement
Correspondence and agreement drawn up between Urban District Council of Marple and Marple Liberal Building Co Ltd for a plot of land to be given up to the public to create steps leading from Stockport Road, Marple and the towpath of the High Peak…

Report to Shareholders : October 1888
Handwritten report given to the Shareholders of the Marple Liberal Club Building Co.Ltd October 1888.
Also report addressed to Messrs Rayner & Turner giving dated history of club and accounts. August 1888 (tied with green ribbon)

Newspaper Cuttings : Closure of Liberal Club
Two Newspaper articles relating to closure of Marple Liberal Club :
1. 1993 : MEN : Time runs out for club that knew Lloyd George.
2. 1993 : The Messenger : Club site to go to highest bidder.

Kingfisher Mews Brochure : New Development
Sales Promotion Brochure produced by Crosby Homes giving details of new development built on Liberal Club site, prices of houses and location. 1994

Decoration of Liberal Club : 1895
Handwritten white card with details of report from the Hyde Reporter & Telegraph : 27th April 1895 p5. with typed transcript of the decoration of the Liberal Club.

Liberal Club Demolition : 1993
Page printed from the Virtual Tour on Marple Website showing photograph of Liberal Club Demolition in 1993.
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