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Local Businesses : Folder 2


Local Businesses of Marple and District.


A folder of miscellaneous information on local businesses.


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Two Leaflets promoting Local Businesses : 1981 & 2013
Two Leaflets promoting Local Businesses:
1. The Third Mellor Festival : 1981 listing local businesses.
2. Marple's Seasonal Special Offers : 2013 giving money savings vouchers from local businesses.

Material on Marple Shopping Area : Newspaper Articles : Various Dates
Photocopy of newspaper article from The Advertiser 1958 with brief history of shops in Marple plus full page advertisement of local businesses.
Newspaper cuttings from 1987 on new shopping Mall to be built by Co-op.

Blotting Paper with Local Businesses advertisements
A4 pink blotting paper advertising local businesses circa 1940/50's

Two pages with advertisements for businesses in Marple & Stockport Area : Undated
Original and photocopy of two page document advertisement for businesses in Stockport and Marple area. Date unknown.

Local Businesses advertising in Regent Cinema Programme
Photocopy of Advertisement for businesses on The Regent Cinema programme of upcoming movies.
On card from exhibition with question below asking if anyone knows what year it was

Local Businesses advertising in Marple Guide : 1960's
Photocopies of advertisements from Marple Guide 1960's.
Cuttings of local business from unknown sources.
A4 paper with collection of cuttings of businesses glued on : dates unknown.

Local Business Advertisements in Marple Publications
Three pages from Magazines advertisement for local businesses :
1. Marple Allotment Holder Advertiser : 1920
2. Mellor Parish Magazine : 1965
3. Mellor Parish Magazine : 1977

The Marple Area Directory : 2005
Two Marple Area Directories from August, October 2005.
Delivered each month to residents and businesses in town,

Two Local Business Directory  Booklets: 2006 & 2011
Two Local Businesses Directory Booklets :
1. SK Local Directories 2006.
2. Inside Marple : 2011

Four SK Local Directories : 2006
Four Sk Local Directories dated March and July 2006. Independent guide to the businesses

Four Local  Directories Booklets : 2006 & 2010
Four Booklets : SK Local from 2010 and SK6 Directories : Marple Edition from 2006.

Record Sleeve : J C Hibbert & Son, Marple
Photocopy of a 45rpm record sleeve from J C Hibbert & Son, Pianoforte Tuners and Repairers at 61 Stockport Road, Marple.
Date Unknown
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