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Booklet : The Hillfort at Mellor : 10,000 years of Occupation?
Booklet published by Marple Local History Society on behalf of Mellor Archaeological Trust entitled The Hillfort at Mellor, 10,000 years of Occupation. Giving the history of the dig on Mellor Hilltop Fort with text, drawings and…

Booklet : The Hillfort at Mellor : Update on 2001 Excavations
Booklet entitled The Hillfort at Mellor, update on 2001 excavations produced by the Mellor Archaelogical Trust giving information, history of the Hillfort excavations around Mellor Church from 1995

Booklet : Hillfort at Mellor : Update 2003
Booklet published by Mellor Archaeological Trust entitled The Hillfort at Mellor : Update on 2003 excavations.
Describing the sixth year of excavations with illustrations and colour photographs of the finds and trenches

Newspaper/Magazine articles relating to the Mellor Hillfort Archaeological Dig.
Large selection of newspaper and magazine cuttings relating to the Archaeological dig at Mellor Hillfort dating from 1999

Mellor Heritage Exhibition at Mellor Church : 1984
Leaflet giving information on exhibition of the history and heritage of Mellor, with forward from Robin Phillips, Vicar.
Flyer advertising Mellor Heritage Exhibition : 1984.

Photographs of lst Trench and "Iron Age" Hut
Several colour photographs showing the lst archaeological trench dug at the Old Vicarage 1998.
Two colour photographs showing "Iron Age" Hut July 2002

Countryman Magazine Article : "Pot of Gold"  2007
Countryman magazine article from 2007 showing John & Ann Hearle at the Mellor Hillfort site, covering history of site in their Old Vicarage Garden.

Booklet : Mellor Heritage Project : Update 2009
Booklet entitled Mellor Heritage Project, Update 2009. Produced by Mellor Archaeological Trust and University of Manchester Archaeology Unit.
Details of the Mellor Heritage Project formed in 2000 and local projects from artefacts found at dig at…

Programme for Celebration Conference : 2010
A4 photocopy of Programme for Mellor Archaeological Trust's Celebration Conference : The Mellor Heritage Project 2007-9 held at Stockport Town Hall Ballroom, Stockport

Poster : Stockport Story Museum with Mellor Dig Finds
Poster advertising re-opening of the Origins Gallery with an exhibition by the Stockport Museum in 2010, showing artifactes from the Mellor Dig.

Archaeology Magazine : Article on Shaw Cairn 2011
Original copy of the Archaeology Magazine from August 2011 with article on pages 26 - 31 entitled "Shaw Cairn revisited : The dead of Mellor Moor" with details of dig and finds.

Transcript from BBC radio 4 Programme : 2003
Transcript from cassette held in the archives of Marple Local History Society of Radio 4's "Dig Here" programme from 2003 presented by Mark Whittaker interviewing Ann Hearle and archaeologist at the Mellor Hillfort dig.

Mellor Archaeological Trust : Draft Text & Drawings for Open Days.
Draft text and illustrations for layout for exhibition for Open Days in 2002.
Information on early Britain, stone age, Romain Britain up to the Industrial Revolution.
Information on the Excavations at Mellor for 3 years.

Newsletters : Friends of Mellor Archaeological Trust & Cheshire Local History Association.
Newsletters from Friends of Mellor Archaeological Trust dated 2004 & 2005 giving information and updates.
Cheshire Local History Society Newsletter from 2007 with an article on the Mellor Heritage Project.

STORM Gathers in Mellor! : Explanation
Two typed pages giving explanation on Mellor Archaeological Trust involvement with STORM a Europe wide initiative to reduce the impact of climate change on heritage.
Plus leaflet with details of the worldwide partners involved in this project :…

"Mellor Goes Medieval" Magazine Article : 2006
Two page article from Current Archaeology Issue 204, dated July/August 2006 reporting on the excavations at Mellor with photographs of findings and site.

Booklet : Hillfort at Mellor Excavations 1998 - 2002
Twenty two page booklet produced by Mellor Archaeological Trust detailing the story of the Mellor Dig from 1998 to 2002 with the history of the site, excavation of the trenches carried out by University of Manchester with photographs, drawings, maps…
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