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Poster for Mellor Waterworks : Opened 1926
Original poster for Mellor Waterworks officially opened 10th April 1926 by Councillor Redfern Morton JP

Two Leaflets for Conservation Areas  : 1978
Leaflet outlining Conservation Area for Mellor-Moorend 1978 with brief history and points of interest.
Leaflet with details of Preliminary Report for Conservation Area at Moorend and Millbrow with map and brief history and points of interest

Byelaws of Rural District Council : Hayfield 1899
Original book containing Byelaws made by the Rural District Council of Hayfield with respect to New Streets and buildings in that portion of the rural district of Hayfield which comprises the contributory place of Mellor

List of Salaries for Officers, Hayfield Rural Disctrict Council
Two page letter from Hayfield Rural District Council signed by R Morton, Chairman of the Council with details of the Salaries of Officer with attached schedule

Talk "The Ludworth & Mellor Joint Sewerage Board"
Text for a talk given by A Thelwall on "The Ludworth & Mellor Joint Sewage Board"
Four pages handwritten. No date

Mellor Water Supply : 1922 - 1926
Original correspondence from Hayfield Rural District Council regarding Mellor Water Supply : 1922
Report and Costing from George & F W Hodson, Civil Engineers : 1926
Numerous original newspaper cuttings from 1923 to the inauguration of Mellor…

Tenant length register of yardage : Marple Bridge (old blue book : fragment)
Original blue book (fragment) with list of residents with measurements in yards.
No date

Mellor Street Lighting : 1935
Original newspaper cuttings from The Reporter 1935 "Echoes from the Peak" giving information on the news that Mellor is to have street lighting after forty years of controversy.

Mellor Ratepayers Association : 1923 - 1926
Numerous newspaper cuttings from The Reporter dated 1923 and 1926 reporting on the Mellor Ratepayers Association on telephone numbers and letter to the Editor with complaints on its reporting of the action of this organisation.
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