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Marple Township in Pennsylvania USA.


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Material on Pennsylvania USA : Township of Marple
Three Brochures from Marple Township : 1958 two undated giving information and history of Marple Township USA.
Two newspaper cuttings on card : 1963

Material on Pennsylvania USA : Tricentennial Celebrations
Correspondence with Mrs Swindells Marple Antiquarian Society and Mrs Carl Lindborg with information on their Tricentennial Celebrations in May 1981.
Map showing Marple township

Material on Pennsylvania USA : Thomas Massey House
Correspondence / brochures / tourist information / newspaper articles relating to Thomas Massey House, built in 1696 by Thomas Massey an English Quaker who emigrated from Marple.

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Material on Pennsylvania USA : Emigrants
Assorted material relating to people who emigrated from Marple area to USA.
Information on "Endeavour" boat that left Liverpool to Pennsylvania in 1683.
Research notes on local residents that emigrated.
Correspondence to Mrs Swindells Marple…

"Hey Dad did you know there's a Marple in America? : Angela Hurley 2004
Six page typed account with photographs on how Angela Hurley research on the internet led to Marple USA and Marple in England organising a visit from American Fire Fighters in 2004 and a declaration of Friendship
Essay explains events leading up…

Email correspondence 2009 re Mellor Church Internments
Email correspondence with Hilary Atkinson and Richard Paul with regard to internments in Mellor Church : Sutton Family

Newspaper cuttings : "Story of Marple Philadelphia" 1989 & "Old-Know'ledge comes to Marple from States 1996
a. "Story of Marple Philadelphia" in the County of Chester by Guy Nelson.
Jack Taylor radio ham who was in contact with Bob who lives in Marple just outside Pennsylvania.
b. Account from Marple May with photographs of Samuel Oldknows descendants…
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