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People of Marple and District.


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Material on the Bowden Family
Material on the Bowden family ;
1. Typed information regarding the Bowdens starting with Jack Bowden in 1870. Unknown source.
2. Two handwritten documents giving information on graves at St Thomas's Mellor relating to the Bowden family and Family…

Material on The Brierley Family & Masonic Tombstone
Material on the Brierley Family :
1. Photocopy of pages 67 -70 of Article from unknown publication attached is handwritten Family tree.
2. Typed description and history of the Mellor Memorial 3. Hand drawn on blue note paper diagram of masonic…

Material on the Hambletons of Quebec
Miscellaneous material on the Hambleton Family of Quebec:
1. Typed pages (8) entitled A genealogy of the Hambleton Famly by Grace Hambleton and Ariel Hambleton with family tree.
2. Handwritten family tree from George Hambleton
3. Newspaper…

Material on Jowett Family
Miscellaneous photocopied documents relating to Jowett Family:
1. Photocopy of photograph of William Jowett
2. Correspondence from Arundel Castle Archive from a J Jowett with covering letter dated 1879
3.Newspaper obituary "On the death of a…

Material on the Wigley Family
Miscellaneous documents relating to the Wigley family :
1. Advert on card for Mr H R Wigley Day and Evening School from 1851 giving courses and prices.
2. Typed two page document entitled From Jamaica to Mellor : An Apprentice Tale
3. Five page…

Material on the Tomlinson Family
Pouch containing miscellaneous material on the Tomlinson Ancestry:
1. 32 page type document entitled "Tomlinson in the Parish of Glossop from around 1600" with maps, family tree, birth, marriage death records and extracts from legal documents

Newspaper report on Death of Mr James Shepley 1899
Handwritten account with transcript of newspaper report from Stockport Advertiser 7th April 1899 entitled "Death of Mr James Shepley" giving account of his death, funeral and brief history
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