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Irish Born People in Marple Bridge : 1861
4 Pages of typed research information from Census Records covering Irish Born people in Marple Bridge giving names, relationship to the head of the household etc. from 1851

Material on the Bradbury Family
Material on the Bradbury Family :
1. Printed family tree dating from 1190
2. E mail and handwritten correspondence from Ray Bradbury in Canada re Bradbury descendants 1999-2000

Material on the Braddock Family
Material on the Braddock family with regard to family history:
1. Handwritten Family Tree dating from 1790's
2. Correspondence with Robert Braddock Worley re family history research he is carrying out to locate Charles Braddock Attorney in…

John Bridgwood of Lower Hall Cottages, Mellor
Photocopies of Bridgwood family photographs, Lower Hall Cottages, Church Road, Mellor, John Bridgwood and family members sent in by John Cross 2009.
Photocopies of colour photographs of John Bridgwood Headstone.

Ben Hartley : Artist from Mellor
Material relating to Ben Hartley, artist from Mellor :
1. Illustrated invitation to an exhibition of Ben Hartley (1993 - 1996) paintings 1998. Illustration : "Entre Nous" by Ben Hartley
2. Notelet with Ben Hartley "Wild Horse" painting on…

Material on Sir Joseph Leigh : 1841 - 1908
Material on Sir Joseph Leigh relating to his life and career:
1. Handwritten extract from "Mayors of Stockport" XLII Page 89 giving information on the career of Sir Joseph Leigh. Photocopy of page from Mayors of Stockport.
2. Handwritten copy of…

Middleton Family Research
Typed single page letter from R Clarke thanking Mrs Nealle? for information given on the Middleton family and adding extra information. 1985

Richardson Family Research
Email correspondence regarding the Richardson Family and Mellor Lodge from Brian Smith re family research including extract from his mothers account of her relationship with Geoffrey Richardson.
Census records for 1911/1939. BMD information on…

Enoch Tempest Information
Extracts from unknown publication : Pages B101 giving information on Enoch Tempest living at Oakdene, Marple and Pages B110 giving information on Enoch and John Tempest with photograph of Enoch on his favorite locomotive.
Typed page from "David" to…

Vernon Family Research
Paper relating to the Vernon Family of Marple with single page index detailing contents ie details of marriages, wills, birth/death certificates, reminisces of Chapel House, Marple

Material relating to Birtles Family
Pouch containing material relating to the Birtles Family :
1. Single typed information on BMD withCensus Records Information for John T Birtles and family 1898 to 1917.
2. Three Brown Envelopes containing Letters from the War Office 1917 - 1922 …
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