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Political Parties Newsletters
Range of Political Parties Newsletters including
1. Range of the Liberal Democrats "Liberally" newsletter issues 84 - 193 undated and not all issues, along with special election editions.
2. Several Conservative Party "In Touch" Newsletters,…

Political Handbills & Promotional Material
A selection of Political Parties' Handbills and promotional material for prospective candidates from 1992
3 Liberal Democrats Xmas Card : 3 undated : 1 from 1997

Parliamentary Constituencies & M.P.'s 1714 - 1910
Typed two page double sided document entitled "Parliamentary Constituencies & M.P.'s 1714 - 1910" listing M.P's for Cheshire, High Peak and Derbyshire. Source unknown

Parliamentary & Local Franchise Information
Extract : Double sided document entitled " Park Six : Parliamentary & Local Franchise" giving information on Bills/Acts their dates and brief explanations.
Source unknown.

Liberal Club Building / Alterations
Several Photocopies of documents relating to the Liberal Club, Marple.
1. Invitation to the Gala Opening 3rd September 1960.
2. Single page plan showing proposed plan for Liberal Club 1888
3. Schedule of Plans 1993 application from Crosby Homes to…

Newspaper article : "Rising Tide of Tory Confidence" 1968
Photocopy of newspaper article entitled "Rising Tide of Tory Confidence" reporting on the extension of Marple Conservative Club ( Shepley Hall)
Stockport Advertiser October 10th 1968.

Pre-election letter from Andrew Stunnell MP : 2010
Pre-election correspondence from Andrew Stunnell MP to local constituent thanking them for their support and invitation to hear speaker Lord McNally. 8th April 2010.
Request for donations document.

Official Poll Card for European Parliamentary Election : 1999
Original Official Poll Card for European Parliamentary Election to be held on the 10th June 1999 at Scout Hall, Memorial Park, Marple

Marple Urban District Council Election Leaflets
Numerous Local Election Leaflets for Marple Urban District Council from 1946 - 1967.

Notice of Results for Rural District of Hayfield 1898
Photocopy of Notice of Result of Elections for Rural District of Hayfield with details of the Mellor result.
Dated 2nd April 1898 by Joseph Rose Bowden, Returning Officer

Formation of Marple Conservative Association : 1880
Handwritten account (source unknown) giving information on the Formation of the Marple Conservation Association at the Joly Sailor listing the attendees including J Hudson of Brabyns Hall.

"The Magazine" 2014
Original Copy of 6 page publication "The Magazine" dated 2014 published by Hazel Grove Liberal Democrats with interviews with Lisa Smart candidate for MP

Andrew Stunnell 16th Annual Report Leaflet
Two leaflets from Andrew Stunnell, Liberal Democrat MP.
1. 16th Annual Report Back
2. Liberal Democrat 2013 Survey

Guide to Stockport Councillors 2000 - 2001
Poster showing photographs and contact details for the 2000 - 2001 Stockport Local Councillors with map of the Wards and general information.

Focus Newspaper : Hazel Grove Liberal Democrats
Numerous copies of "Focus" Newspapers from 1992 - 2002 published by the Hazel Grove Liberal Democrats.

Newspaper Cuttings relating to Political Parties from 1992.
Newspaper cuttings relating to Politics and political parties :
a. Margaret Thatcher's visit to Marple Bridge on the 1992 election campaign walkabout in Town Street showing her being struck with a bunch of daffodils by Jayne McIver
b. Death of Sir…
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