Rents & Assessments : Marple Township

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Rents & Assessments : Marple Township


Rents and assessments in Marple Township.


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Rent Books : 212 Strines Road
Numerous original rent books for Mr & Mrs Ramsey at Ash Cottage, 212 Strines Road. Dates 1920 and 1953 - 1969

Index for Rents due and Cash Received : 1844 - 1855
Original handwritten ledger for period 1844 - 1855 listing rents due and Cash received from names tenants.
Donated notebook owned by Mr Fletcher.
RAE/02/02a Photocopy of Ledger

Persons liable to pay Composition & Assessment : 1821
Original Ledger listing persons liable to pay composition and Assessment of 6d in the pound (higher end of the Township of Marple : work/materials on the highways) August 1821.
Donated ledger owned by Mr Fletcher
REA/01/03a :: Photocopy of Ledger
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