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Rose Hill House & Surrounding Area


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Planning Development of Rosehill : 1955/6
Correspondence from Cheshire County Council 1955 and 1956 Notice approving development of land for housing an ancillary purposes at Rosehill Marple, with conditions with drawings showing Stockport Road and The Drive.

Deeds Relating to Rose Hill House
Typed pages (4) headed "Deeds to Rose Hill House" Seen at Manchester Town Hall February 3rd 1994 listing deeds relating Rose Hill House from 1839.

Research Material collected by A. Featherstone : Rose Hill House
Two pages of handwritten research material on Rose Hill House collected by Audrey Featherstone from Census Record, Directorys of Cheshire on the occupants and information on Rose Hill House

Abstract of Title 1920 -1947 : 8 The Drive, Rose Hill
Photocopy of typed Abstract of Title to Freehold property situate and numbered 8 The Drive with information dating from 1920 - 1947 with accompanying maps.

Booklet : Rose Hill House Marple by Kate Cooper
Original A5 booklet entitled Rose Hill House, Marple by Kate Cooper published by Marple Local History Society 1996.
History of Rose Hill House from country house in the 1820's listing occupants to housing estate development
38 pages, 16…

Correspondence from E Wilkinson : Rose Hill Area  Memories
Typed transcript from handwritten correspondence from Edmund Wilkinson from Essex to Peter Bardsley in 1994 with memories, information and descriptions of the Rose Hill Area.

Flyer for Lauch of Rose Hill Website
A5 flyer promoting Rose Hill Website a new community website for Rose Hill area of Marple.
Date Unknown

Research material on  Rose Hill House by Mrs Cooper : 1992/3
Correspondence from Mrs K J Cooper with Cheshire CC, Stockport CC and Peter Bardsley researching Rose Hill House and Robert Waine. 1992/3
Photocopy from Cheshire Records Office of Letters of Administration 1815

Rose Hill House
Photocopy of Abstract of Title relating to No 8 the Drive giving details of Rose Hill House dated 1947, with 3 plans showing street lighting, Rose Hill Station and surrounding area.
Photocopy of photograph of horse and carriage with groom outside…

Proposed Footpath leading to Rose Hill Station :  1936
Handwritten account giving information from : Marple Urban District Council 23rd November 1936. Mr Johnson of Rose Hill House requests omission of proposed footpath leading to Rose Hill Station from layout of Rose Hill Estate - included in plans…

Rose Hill House information from Mr F G Nixon : 1987
Typed transcript of letter from Mr Nixon about Rose Hill House location, occupants and demolition.
Record held at Marple Heritage Library S/82 D63.

Proposed Demolition of Jolly Sailor (Rosehill) Cottages :
Photocopy of newspaper article from Stockport Express "Old Marple Cottages Doomed" 'Quaint corner to be Erased' reporting on the proposed demolition of "Picturesque" cottages adjoining the Jolly Sailor Hotel.
Date Unknown

Pages on Local History from Rosehill Website
Two page extract from website giving local history information on Rose Hill.
Author unknown : downloaded 8.4.2004

Information on Rose Hill Station from Rose Hill Website : 2004
Two page article from www.geocities/rosehillmarple website with history of Rose Hill Station from 1863.
Author unknown : downloaded 8.4.2004.

Newspaper Cuttings relating to Rose Hill & Surroundings
Newspaper cuttings from 1839 for Rose Hill and surrounding area.
a. Millennium Green Fund awarded given to Rose Hill Tenants & Residents Association towards a village green. 1998
b. Sale at Rose Hill, Marple property of Mrs Waine who is changing…
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