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Leaflet : New Wood At Strines ; Millennium Project
Leaflet from the Woodland Trust working with the Millenium Commission promoting special new woods at Strines with pledge application form and information.

Strines Print Works Article : C.P.A. Star : 1953
Photocopy of three page article extracted from C.P.A. Star Volume 3 No 1 from Spring 1953 "Strines Print Works" by John W Taylor from the Order Office of Strines Works giving history up to 1920

Early History of Strines Printworks
Handwritten early history of Strines Printworks & Strines Hall as copied from Records in Central Library in Manchester.
Author unknown

Letter from John M Gregory : 1856
Original letter from John M Gregory from Strines to unknown person organising a visit to Strines Printworks and also referring to a parcel of Strines Journal awaiting collection.
July 16th 1856.

Sketch of Old Strines Print Works : Hand drawn
Hand drawn sketch of Strines Printworks showing layout of stables, cottages, weir and school with cottages.
Artist / date unknown

Booklet & typed draft : The Strines Journal 1852 - 1860 : An Appreciation by Gladys A Swindells
Booklet : The Strines Journal 1852 - 1860 : An Appreciation by Gladys A Swindells B.A. 1972.
Giving history of the Strines Journal by two young men, one a junior clerk and the other a book-keeper at Strines Print works produced monthly to be…

Strines Residents Association Printout : 2004 : Appeal Decision
Four pages of printouts from Strines Area Residents Association website.
Introduction and general information of the area
Update 26.3.2004 Strines Printworks Appeal Decision "We Won"

CPA "Star" Magazine : December 1966 : The Strines Journal
Original copy of the Calico Printers Association magazine "Star" featuring a front and back page article on The Strines Journal from December 1966 giving history and background in text and pictures.
Volume 16 Number 5

Demolition of Strines Printworks Chimney : 2007
Several newspaper articles with pictures showing the demolition of Strines Printworks Chimney January 2007.

Newspaper Cuttings relating to Strines Printworks
Several miscellanous newspaper cuttings relating to Strines Printworks :
1830's : Auction of Sundry utensils at Compstall Mill (photocopy)
1863 : Report on celebration at mill on the marriage of the Prince of Wales. (Photocopy)
1912 ; Peter…

Transcriptions from Strines Journal
Sixty Five pages of handwritten transcripts from Strines Journal listing topics, essays, and travel reports from 1852.

Bruce's Clocktower Renovation Letter & Drawing : Strines Mill Pond
Letter from Mel Smith Chairman of Strines Recreation Ground giving information on the proposed development of "Bruce's" Clocktower and surrounding buildings at Strines Mill Ponds.
Drawing of front / side elevation and plan of site.
Dated 9/3/2012

Photocopied pages from Strines Journal
Photocopies of pages from Strines Journal Pages 85 - 139 undated giving history of John Bradshaw, Charles I and Marple Hall, undated
Pages 135 & 136 August/September 1854 edition on John Bradshaw Eulogy

Photographs of Pages from Strines Journal from 1832
Black & White photographs of miscellaneous pages from Strines Journal from 1832 on various subject, used as displays

Letter from Stockport Town Clerks Office : 1882
Letter dated 22nd February 1882 from Walter Hyde, Town Clerk making arrangement to call to obtain signature to the Petition of the Corporation of Stockport against the Manchester Water Bill as the petition has to be filed at Westminster before two…

Folder : Joan Salt's College work on Strines Printworks ; 1950's/1960's
Folder produced by Joan Salt during the 1950's and 60's whilst at Manchester Training College handwritten research relating to Strines Print Works supported with black and white photographs of machines, the works site and location, its history and…
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