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Book List : Taken from Bibliothea : John H Cooke : 1904
Typed List of Books relating to Marple listed in Bibliotheca Cestriensis by John H Cooke : 1904
List of Books for reference : John Bradshaw

Marple Geology and Topography
Three typed pages entitled "Marple District : Geology and Topography" with hand drawn sketches and giving information on local area.
Author unknown

Faces & Places Magazine : March 1904
Original magazine "Faces & Places Illustrated" from March 1904 containing articles on Marple with local places/people of interest including Joel Wainwright, Marple, Marple Grammar School, Samuel Oldknow, Mellor Mill and Mrs Hudson and many more.

Correspondence & List of Local Farms : 1981
Papers relating to a proposed project on farms that never materialized by Mrs G A Swindells.
1. Letter from Stockport Borough Council with list of farms 1981
2. Notes on what information would be required to be of interest with names of residents…

Notes on Marple
4 pages of handwritten notes on Marple.
Miscellaneous facts of population, industries, housing developments, schools and road improvements.
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