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Formally : Crippled Childrens Home/ Childrens Orthopaedic Hospital


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Also see Exhibitions EXH/07/012 ; From Cripples Holiday Home to Orthopaedic Hospital



Collection Items

Floor Plan for Children's Orthopaedic Hospital, Marple : 1979
Original Architect's drawing of the floor plan of basement / first floor of "Cleadon" Children's Orthopaedic Hospital, Dale Road, Marple, highlighting alterations dated 26.1.79 by Heywood Ashworth & Orford

"Cleadon" : Unit for Handicapped Children : 1978
Original Architect's drawing showing unit for handicapped children, "Cleadon" Dale Road, Marple dated 7.4.78

Map of NHS Reorganisation : Boundaries
Original map with coloured outlines showing present Hospital Management Committee areas in Lancashire prandoposed NHS reorganisation of Manchester & Lancashire Regions with key to boundary marks. Undated

"Intercom"  : Newspaper  : 1982 : Treetops p7
Original copy of "Intercom" Newspaper of Stockport Health Authority from October 1982 with photograph of Treetops Staff and children with donated soft play items on page 7

Treetops Vistors Book  1948/1969 Two Pages
Two pages from Visitors Book :
1. Original Page from Visitors Book (acquired 18.1.01) dated July to October 1948 with local dignitaries and their titles/organisations.
2. Photocopy of page from Visitors Book dated June 1949 to April 1969 with…

Pages from Control of Infection Register : 1957/1962
Five original pages from the Control of Infection Register dating from 1957 - 1962 from Treetops Sanitarium giving details of patient, their condition, Consultant with admittance and discharge dates.

Extensions to Crippled Children's Home : Newspaper Cutting
Original & Photocopy of newspaper report on the "Extensions to Crippled Children's Home" Day of memories at Marple. Reporting on local dignitaries attending including Robert Ollerenshaw, Councillors from Marple U.D.C. and addressed by Sir Francis…

Foundation Stones : Plaque to be erected on old Treetops site
a. A4 document giving information of plaque to be erected by foundation stones on the old site of Treetops formally Marple Children's Orthopaedic Hospital.
b. Colour photographs on A4 paper of two foundation stones.
c. Photocopy of newspaper…

Treetops Housing Development Brochure : 2004
Brochure produced by Antler Homes giving details of new housing development on the site of the demolished Treetops Nursing Home.
Drawings of view of "Treetops Estate" with 19 limited edition homes with floor plans and drawings.

Memories of Childrens Orthopaedic Hospital : 1949-51 : K Chaisty
Four page letter from Ken Chaisty 2010 with memories of Marple Orthopaedic Hospital when he was a patient with TB of the knee from 1949 - 1951. with photographs,

Miscellaneous Material on Health in Marple
Miscellanous material on health in Marple :
1. Typed three page history / reminiscences of working and the facilities in Marple entitled "Marple's Health Cure" which covers Treetops where the author Bev. Jepson Playe worked and puts out a request…

Newspaper cuttings relating to Treetops : Various Dates & Publications
Numerous newspaper cuttings from several publications & dates:1. 1913 : Typed M.E.N article : Salford Crippled Childrens Help Society at Rose Hill. Also photocopy of report on Garden Fete in 1935 with other undated pieces on card. 2. 1992…

Photographs relating to Treetops : Various Dates
Miscellaneous Colour / Black & White photographs of Treetops :
1. Photocopy of black and white faded photograph showing nursing staff and patients outside Peacefield Holiday Home, circa 1900's
2. Email with photocopy of photograph showing…

Exhibition : From Cripples' Holiday Home to Orthopaedic Hospital : 2018
Material from Exhibition held in conjunction with Disabled Living and MLHS:
1. Poster advertising event held in May 2018
2. Double sided flyer produced by Disable Living giving history and information of society and its change to Disabled…

Charity Bowls Match for Orthopaedic Hospital : Undated
Photocopy of newspaper article from unknown publication and date showing photograph of Marple Councillors who held a charity bowls match raising £25 for the Cripples children's entertainment fund at Marple Orthopaedic Hospital

Christmas Cards, Notelets and Misc. Illustrated Pictures
40 photocopied illustrations of Christmas Cards, Calendars, sketches, notelets and hamper and gift card to be used for donated gifts at Christmas for the Cripped Childrens Help Society.
Dating from 1890's when the Society was founded and called The…
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