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Material relating to Davidson/Humphrey Family
Material relating to Davidson/Humphrey Family 2017 :
1. Email correspondence from descendant of Kathleen Davidson from Australia on his family tree, photocopies of family photographs.
2. WW1 research material on Second Lieutenant Charles Lingard…

Material on Marshall Family
Material on research for the Marshall Family 2012 :
1. Email correspondence with MLHS arising from enquiry from Canada relating to Marshalls of Booths Place, Marple with research already carried out.
2. Four page photocopy of handwritten letter…

Enquiry : Warhurst Gravestone at All Saints
Email correspondence to MLHS with regard to a gravestone at All Saints Church, Marple for the Warhurst family and "Goytcliffe" a area in Marple.
Research material with maps showing area and details of the Warhurst family. 2017

Material on the Chappell Family
Research Material on the Chappell Family 2017:
1. Email correspondence with MLHS and A Smith with regard to family history research on the Chappell family.
2. Census records from 1861 for William and William Samuel Chappell.
3. BMD research…

Email enquiry : Lowe Family : Nab Top Farm
Email correspondence with Christine Adhern from Australia 2018 who wanted information on the Lowe family and Nab Top Farm as her aunt and uncle John Lowe lived at Nab Top Farm. They were wanting to visit the location and wanted further information…

Booklet : Thomas, Ralph & Samuel Waller : Ann Hearle : 2001
Original copy of 52 page booklet entitled Thomas, Ralph and Samuel Waller, Mill owners and Methodist of Manchester and Mellor by Ann Hearle.
Contains map, documents and photographs of the Waller Family.

Doctor Dorothy Faulkner : 1902 - 2000
Newspaper article from the Stockport Times East 2000 entitled "Dr Dorothy's Amazing Life" by Belinda Quinn giving obituary of Dr Dorothy Faulkner a Marple GP from 1944 - 65 and her travels to China.

Newspaper Cuttings & Magazine Articles relating to Artist from the Marple Area
Numerous miscellaneous small newspaper cuttings and Magazine articles from 1979 featuring Artists from the Marple Area and Marple Arts :
Timmy Mallett
Gareth Jones
Patricia Linnell
Matt Kvasnk
Rob Wilson
Eamon Murphy
Derek Cheetham

Newspaper cuttings relating to Writers from the Marple Area
Miscellaneous small newspaper cutting relating to Writers and Journalist from the Marple Area including :
Stuart Webb
Mark Slingsby
K C Dowling
Rod Spronson
Julie Robinson
Paul Beatty
Chris Simms
James Shaw
Anthony Barlow
Not all writers…

Newspaper cuttings relating to People from the Marple Area from 1962.
Numerous newspaper cuttings relating to people of the Marple area dating from 1962 reporting on special anniversaries, achievements, local celebrities and dignitaries.
Brief selection include :
UDC Mayor Jack Taylor, Stockport Mayor Phillip…

Samuel Hodgkinson : Brief History  1823 & Photograph of Opening of Marple Bridge Congregation School 1906
Photocopy of document giving information on Samuel Hodgkinson from 1823 his marriage and descendants.
Also photocopy of black and white photograph taken by Walter Bright (son of Samuel) of the opening of Marple Bridge Congregational School in 1906.

Bankruptcy Notices Dissolution of Partnerships for  Marple Residents from 1811 - 1839
Three pages of press cuttings giving notices of Bankrupty and dissolution of partnerships for local business people along with sale notices.
Names include : Robert Grimshaw, Bowdon, Stott, Dodson & Wright, Ralph Ferns, Jonathan Docker and Ottiwell…
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