Miscellaneous Material in Cabinet A : Bottom Drawer : CAB/02

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Miscellaneous Material in Cabinet A : Bottom Drawer : CAB/02


Series of folders in Two drawer filing cabinet located on the right hand side of the archives nearest to the window containing miscellaneous material relating to Marple history, people, reminiscences and locations.


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Collection Items

Folder 1 : Census Research / Studies / Summary's.
Blue Folder containing Census Research, for the following dates, subjects and areas :
a. 1841 Census data with Summary for 6 District of Marple. 24 pages of handwritten research.
b 1801 – 1891 Census Research : Mellor : Population, typed and…

Folder 2 : Census Research
Blue folder containing research notes, data and summary taken from census records for the Marple and Surrounding areas.
5 Pouches.
a 1851, 1861, 1881 & 1891 Census Information for Marple on Farmers, 22 typed pages with information.
b.1841 – 1891…

Folder 3 : Census Research
Blue Folder containing Census Research material :
a. Census Research/notes/draft/correspondence for Fred North's book “Marple a 19c failure” 1995 Draft copy of book. Two pouches
b 1841 – 1891 Census Research : Marple/Mellor/Compstall/Ludworth,…

Folder 4 : Rates Research
Green Folder containing 32 hand written research information extracted from the Rates Books of Marple and surroundings.
Listing properties, owners, and rateable value for the following years 1842, 51, 61, 70 80, 89, 98/99, 1914 & 1915.
Compiled by…

Folder 5 : Medieval Data Research
Pink folder containing bundle of papers with index containing 36 itemised research documents, photocopies of photographs, drawings relating to the medieval period for the area of Ludworth and Mellor.
Compiled by Ann Hearle
See schedule for full…

Folder 6 : Arthur Hulme Research Papers
Green Folder containing Arthur Hulme papers.
Large selection of assorted research/correspondence, memories, jottings and draft autobiography manuscript, both typed and handwritten.
Black & white photograph of Arthur Hulme dated on the back 25th…

Folder 7 : Mellor Boyhood by W G Heath
Original Black leather bound book with 138 typed pages of personal reminiscence by W G Heath entitled "Mellor Boyhood " reminiscences of him growing up in Mellor during the 1930's.
Produced in the 1970's

Folder 8 : Misc. Deeds & Deeds relating to Ernocroft Estate / Greer Family
Green folder containing 4 miscellanceousDeeds :
1. Original copy of Abstract of Title dated 1892 E A Smith, A M Watts and G W Turner parcel of woodland, see plan.
2 Original copy of Abstract of Title dated 1892 similar to above.
3. Original copy…

Folder 9 : Planning Applications / Decisions / Newspaper Cuttings
Clear Folder containing numerous original and photocopies of Planning applications and decisions for properties/pubs in the Marple and surround areas during 2000 - 2002
See index for named properties.
Numerous newspaper cuttings relating to…

Folder 10 - 17 : Property Sale Details
10 folders containing estate agents details from various periods and located in individual folders for specific areas.
Several with indices.
Folders are under the headings of :
Longhurst Lane
Hawk Green
Marple Bridge 1 & 2
Strines 1 & 2

Folder 18 & 19  : Research Material on Selected Properties : A - L & L-Z.
Two folders containing punched pockets containing research material from census records, reference sources, estate agents details , plans and photographs.
See index for full list giving names of the individual properties.

Folder 19 : Research Material on Selected Properties : M-W
Folder containing 15 punched pockets with research material and estate agents details on selected properties in and around Marple.
See index for full details of properties and brief description of research material.

Updates/Additions to "A Mellor Boyhood" : W G Heath : 2003
11 pages downloaded from Globalnet website uploaded by W G Heath with a Preface giving information on "A Mellor Boyhood" with an update and additions to the original typed transcript from 1975 ( CAB/02/07).
Downloaded 2011
Full Version of "A…

Folder 20 : Marple Evening Townswomen's Guild : 1962 - 2006
Seven Scrap books containing photographs, programme cards, newspaper cuttings reporting on events relating to Marple Evening Townswomen's Guild from 1962 - 2006.

Donated 18th January 2006. Copy of the minutes of the last Committee Meeting…
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