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Out of Area Material : Folder 2


Folder containing material which is relevant to Marple but just Out of Area



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Ledger of Technical Drawings : Calico Printing Association 1935/6
Red Leather bound ledger with pencil technical drawings for the Calico Printing Association at Chadkirk Works from 1935

Death of Little Mill Landlord during 1930's Storm
Photocopy of booklet giving an account of "The Great Storm in Peakland" by "H.R.B." on 18th June 1930 in "vivid pen and pictures".
The flood effected a wide area and Pages 21 to 29 cover the Rowarth and New Mills area and the death of the landlord…

Details of Savoy Cinema, Romiley
Single page document from unknown publication with text and photographs showing Sandy Lane, Romiley and the Savoy Cinema

Souvenir Programme : Savoy Cinema, Romiley : Undated
Original copy of Souvenir Programme from the opening of the Savoy Cinema in Romiley giving details of the Directors, Architect and professional contractors involved in building and fitting out the cinema.
Message from the Manager Mr Charles Woolley…

Chadkirk Chapel & Walton Family Connection
Two photographs showing Michael , Edward and Geoffrey Walton outside Chadkirk Chapel.
Black & White photograph showing Michael, Edward & Geoffrey Walton in choir regalia from the 1950's.
Colour photograph showing the the same trio taken about 2000.
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