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Hollins Mill: Folder 03: (Misc. 2)


A folder containing miscellaneous material concerning Hollins Mill (2 of 2).


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Hollins Mill promotional material.
Photocopies of posters and advertising material from various publications promoting Hollins Mill c1922.
An entry for the Hollins Mill in Skinner's Cotton Trade Directory 1931-32.
An entry for Carver and Co Carriers in the Williams' Leeds Directory…

Carill Worsley Archives research notes and archives information.
15 x A4 pages of typed research notes identifying records in the Carill Worsley Archives relating to Hollins Mill, Carvers, Walmsleys and other items relating to Marple generally.

Hollins Mill newspaper articles / cuttings
Original cutting: North Cheshire Herald, 6 February 1920, 45 Years' service as Manager and Director, Presentations to Mr. and Mrs W. B. Hodgkinson.
Photocopy cutting: Reporter, 7 February 1920, Gift to Marple Work-People, W. B. Hodgkinson's Great…

Plans of Hollins House
Undated plan of War Memorial Park showing council offices, flowerbeds, tennis courts, bowling green and proposed putting green. c1922.
Undated plan of The Hollins showing farm yard, what was probably a walled garden (where the library is now) and…

Hollins Mill time-line.
Chronological list of important dates and events from 1712, when the Hollins estate was indentured to Joshua Higginbotham, until 1988, when the final remains of Hollins Mill were demolished. A full copy of the list is available as a PDF below.

Selection of photographs relating to Hollins Mill.
A number of photocopies of photographs relating to Hollins Mill. A few examples are include in this entry but to see all the society's images relating to Hollins Mill visit The Marple Website Virtual History Tour.

Hollins Mill "Marple Sheets" sample.
A small off-cut sample of a "Marple Sheet" produced at Hollins Mill with two loose embroidered tags, probably from other sheets. Also includes original paper packaging label and guarantee form, which includes the following text:


Notes/Adjustments for Talk on Hollins Mill.
Two page typed document giving suggestions on how to form a talk on Hollins Mill from A Hearle's book with ideas on changes to illustrations.
Date Unknown

Email Query : Carver Family : 2015
Single page email from T Jones with query regarding the Carver Family arising from A Hearles Book. 2015
Handwritten note states "replied I was wrong"
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