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Email to Edmund Wilkinson thanking him for donating artefacts to the Society.
Key from the Cellar of Marple Hall
Bradshaw Isherwood Seal
Programme for Marple Men's Club at the Albert Schools
Email dated 2019 with two enquiries from Edmund…

Correspondence with notes from Joan Salt 2012 in connection with John Bradshaw and Strines Printworks

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E mail correspondence with Fraser Robertson 2012 in regard to his grandfather Birkett Robertson photograph attached.

Email correspondence 2013 with John Richardson relating to his grandparents and the properties they have connection with : Ley Hay Farm and Nab Top Farm and Dan Bank Farm

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Letter from Brian Oldfield to Judith Wilshaw 2002 requesting information on the Oldfield Family and its connection with a house known as Slack in Mellor.

E mail correspondence with Alan McFall 2012 in connection with his grandfather William McFall's Boar War campaign medal and photographs held by the society.

Medal stored in Artefact Box 2 : Shelf 03/18

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Email correspondence 2012 with Dorothy Marshall in Canada and research notes referring to her great great grandfather James Marshall Joiner and other family member in Marple.

Material relating to Betty Longden :
1. Certificate from the "Friendly Female Foresters" for Betty Longden dated 1846.
2. Typed details of census records for Betty Longden
3. Photocopy of photograph of Lea Hall taken from Marple…

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Email correspondence with Kay Kell 2013, reference to Marple Dale Hospital where her mother was a patient in the 1950's

Material relating to Maud Raphael Jones known as Peter the Painter :
1. 1935 newspaper report "Artist dies at Compstall" of Peter Jones who exhibited at the Royal Academy.
2. Correspondence with E C Jones 1996-7 on family research.
3. Typed…

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Material relating to the Howard Family :
1. Typed two page document entitled "Clough End" and the Howard Family.
2. Correspondence 1992/3/4 from descendants of Howard Family with information.
3. Various research notes.
4. Typed and Handwritten…

Email correspondence with Margaret Hamilton re her descendants the Tew, Alsop and Riley families. 2012.
Photograph show Alsops Decorators shop on Stockport Road with Hollins Mill in background.

Correspondence from 2009 with Arthur Freeman from Lewes relating to publications purchased.

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Material relating to Greaves family of Hawk Green/Marple :
1. Letter from Peter Greaves with details of the Greaves family who lived in Hawk Green and Stone Row Marple.
2. Handwritten family tree from 1796 to 1911.
3. List of "Greaves" of Marple.

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Correspondence with Peter Davis 2009 who sent photos of Marple Hall that he had taken in 1947 to 1952/3.
Now on the Virtual Tour, Marple website.

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Email correspondence with Dave Clay 2012 mentioning Spout House, Strines and the Howe Family.

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Email 2013 from Frances Tivey with information on the George Hotel, Compstall and Lizzy Calcutt and Nelly Lightfoot with list of Landlords from 1915 to 1954 when Lizzie Calcutt was Landlady.

Email correspondence with Barbara Payne 2013 in connection with George Andrews of Compstall marriage certificates dating 1840 to Ellen Lees and 1863 to Elizabeth.
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