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Photographs and Drawings showing Townscliffe
1. Black & White Photocopy on card of Townscliffe Golf Club with members seated outside.
2. Small original black and white photograph showing barn with animals of Townscliffe Farm 1970's.
3. Pen & Ink…

Newspaper articles relating to Townscliffe
1. Typed transcript of newspaper article giving information on the sale of Townscliffe : 1778 from the Manchester Mercury.
2. Three extracts from Stockport Advertiser a. 1884 : Townscliffe for sale after…

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Survey and report carried out by Mellor Buiding Recording Group in December 2007.
Survey of the external and internal buildings of Townscliffe Farmhouse and Townscliffe Cottage with photographs and text recording historical information and…

Deeds relating to Townscliffe / Radcliffe /Lees :
1. Photocopy of handwritten two page schedule of indentures and abstract of titles relating to Townscliffe 1691 - 1802.
2. Typed transcript of Thomas Bancroft last will and inventory : 1730.

Material on Townscliffe :
1. Typed census records for 1841 - 1891
2. Land Valuation with map 1836 & 1851 & modern map undated
3. Two page typed chronological historical data 1597 - 2007
4. Typed document giving information on Gravestones for Lees…

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Original Estate Agents Sales Brochure for Townscliffe on the instruction of Mr H W E Thompson Receiver and Manager of G A Lomas & Co. Ltd
3 Stone barns with planning consent for conversion to dwelling houses together with 3 adjacent areas of…
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