Material on Joel Wainwright

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Material on Joel Wainwright


Pouch containing miscellaneous material relating to Joel Wainwright, his home, family, career and interests :
a. Two draft copies of "Joel Wainwright, The man behind the Book" unknown author
b. Handwritten research notes on cards and A4 paper with family tree.
c. Various newspaper articles relating to Joel Wainwright
d. Several articles written by and about Joel Wainwright from the Manchester Geographical Society.
e. Article from Living Edge 2001 "A Grand day out " George Longden recalls a visit of Manchester Geographical Society to Marple in 1900.
f. Photocopy of article by J Wainwright from Ashton Herald 1891 : "Marple & the Neighbourhood.
g. Material on "Finchwood" Glossop Road, Marple, Joel Wainwright's home : 2 original estate agents details, two internal photographs and two black & white large photographs of exterior feature. Undated.
h. Numerous miscellaneous photocopies of Joel Wainwrights sketches for Christmas Card, one small original Christmas card showing Marple Hall and A4 drawing with poem.
i. Photocopies of an extract from "The Lesson of a Lovely Life" Of the late Mrs J Wainwright by Leo Grindon 1888. with photographs of Mrs Wainwight. Pages 4 - 9.
j. Report from unknown publication on a Field Naturalist Society trip on 16th June lead by Joel Wainwright.
k. Family gravestone of the Wainwright Family: two colour photographs of gravestone at St Mary's Church, Disley and transcript of inscription.
l. Photocopy of handwritten letter from Joel Wainwright to Alice Booth a neighbour from Apelthorn his birthplace with reminiscences of his childhood.


Two large ledgers compiled by Joel Wainwright "Newspaper Cuttings" in gold leaf on spine containing miscellaneous collection of post cards, sketches, newspaper reports, obits, marriages and articles on various subjects both local and national dating from 1831 to 1914.
Too large for general filing.

CABINET 7 : Hall cabinet
(CAB/07/01 & CAB/07/02 )