Camilla Lacy Property

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Camilla Lacy Property


Correspondence with Surrey Council Council with regard to the property Camilla Lacy (now demolished) which was owned by the Hudsons from 1816.
3 Black and white phototcopy photographs with information cards dated 1907 from Surrey Council

Anne Hudson as a young woman (born Evans, 1794-1884) who married Thomas Hudson of Camilla Lacey, Surrey, (1780-1868) in 1816 in St Marylebone Church, London. She inherited Brabyns Hall from her unmarried cousin John Wright on his death in 1866, as well as her uncle Nathaniel Wright’s colliery-based fortune. She had also inherited her father's London-made fortune. Anne moved to live in Brabyns in 1868 after her husband died in Pau, France. She was the mother of Thomas (1817-1866, a soldier, unmarried), Maria Ann (1819-1906, unmarried) and William Hudson (1825-1857, soldier, married ... my great-great grand-father). Mark Hudson.